Do I need public liability insurance for my Christmas party?

Your company end of year party is probably one of the most anticipated event in December; it’s a time for everyone to let their hair down and wind down after a long year of hard work. But deciding on catering and the venue are not the only important decisions to make: Staff welfare at the party should be a top priority No one wants to think of what could go wrong amidst the festive frivolity, but our job as an Insurance agency is to consider all potentials risks.

That said, were you aware that at least one person requires hospital treatment every year, specifically for falls, cuts and burns over the Christmas period?

Public liability insurance is one of the very valuable policies that are often overlooked, but it could save your company a substantial amount in compensation payments and legal fees if a claim were to be made following an event.

Having a Public liability insurance policy  will cover a party on work premises and protect you in case of any incidents. Our verdict? Whilst it isn’t a legal requirement, anything that works out in your best interest or is there for your protection is always handy to have!



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