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January 2019

Travel Insurance promo: Stand a chance to win a FREE return ticket to Colombo

December 2018

Add insurance to your New Year’s resolutions!

Merry Christmas and all the things we should be thankful for

Travel with your kids like a pro

What does Emergency Medical Assistance cover under the Travel Insurance Policy?

15 ways to ensure safe and worry free travels

Travel insurance upgrade!

Financial education: The pros and cons of a credit card

Finances – Protecting yourself against fraudsters

Is workplace bullying a thing?

Your Credit needs protection too

November 2018

Workplace safety: Don’t get bent out of shape!

The best strategy for rent negotiations

Corporate Travel Insurance: your best business trip companion!

When did you learn about life insurance?

A retailer’s needs

Insurance needs for the festive season

Why choose Double Security Plan over others

Why ‘now’ is the best time to take out a life insurance policy!

Insurance for migrant workers (expats)

October 2018

Double security = Double protection for you and your family!

To new beginnings…

It’s time to have The Talk

Are you keeping up with Seychelles’ football?

Sacos rewards new Junior and Education Plan Promotion winners!

Quick and appropriate responses to accidental injury of a child

Why workplace safety is crucial

September 2018

Why should a healthy person take out a health insurance?

Common causes of sudden weight gain

Why solar water heating is a good investment

Easy ways to conserve water (and reduce your bill!)

A quick look at some of our insurance products

What is that dark patch in my ceiling?

Don’t delay your motor insurance renewal

Protect your skin from the effects of the sun

Back to school reminders

Create an enabling environment for learning at school: Addressing the culture of ‘bullying’

August 2018

Simple cardio exercises you can do at home

Prevention awareness for safety at sea

Flood proof your house

Household appliance safety in your kitchen

Get involved in your community

A guide to setting up your business

Learn more about Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity insurance: an entrepreneur’s security

Insure your business against fire and other perils

How to engage your children in learning

Spend your holiday like a tourist in Seychelles

Are you investing enough in your child’s education?

Child safety awareness

Make a plan for your uni degree!

July 2018

Learn more about the Sacos Junior Plan…

The aftermath: what happens when your car is damaged?

Life insurance is not an expense… it is an investment!

Don’t forget your travel insurance

How to get rid of mould in your bathroom

Coping with stress

Burglar-proof your front door

Felicitation la France!!!

Why Sacos invests in sport

What are you doing this August holiday?

Main causes of motorcycle accidents

Who will you cheer for in the Semi-Finals?

Can I lose weight just by walking?

Safety tips for scooter owners

The importance of having a Personal Accident Cover

Places where travel insurance is a must!

Lucky Sacos client wins back his annual Motor Insurance Premium

FIFA World Cup 2018: Who will make it to Round of 16?

“I am 35, is it too late for me to get started on an insurance plan?”

June 2018

Why you need these gadgets for your car!

FIFA World Cup 2018: Teams to watch out for

Tips on preventing home break-ins

How to prevent salinity from damaging your car

Crucial things you need to know about insurance

Gift ideas for Father’s Day

Tips on how to lower your monthly bills

Private: Junior Plan – Give your child a leg up in life

How life insurance can help you save!

Insurance 101: Malicious damage, what you should know?

May 2018

Preventing accidents: an easy guide

Regular car maintenance can reduce road accidents

Why full comprehensive cover is actually cheaper than third party!

Win your motor insurance premium back with our new promotion!

No claim bonus simplified!

Windscreen cover – get more out of your insurance!

5 Tips on how to protect your finances

Encourage your children to save from a young age

Fire Sprinkler system – can it save your house?

Add a replacement car in your policy!

Adopt a healthier lifestyle for a longer life

6 Tips to mitigate workplace accidents

Something all employers should have…

What is an Employers’ Liability Insurance?

April 2018

How to keep your homeowner insurance premiums low?

5 Ways to improve your finances

I got into an accident, what should I do?

Insurance 101: Excess – what does it mean?

What is in your motor insurance policy?

“Having insurance doesn’t guarantee good health outcomes, but it is a critical factor.” – Irwin Redlener

Tips to avoid underinsuring your assets!

One mistake you may be making…

Insurance 101: What is a premium?

Accidents are like those annoying people….

A business’ best friend – Public Liability insurance

Safety tips: Top preventive measures against fire

Keep up with “The Sacos Roadshow” campaign

Just how much is your house worth for you?

The one thing you didn’t think to get before you travel!!

Fire insurance – why is it a must?

Insurance 101 – Why insurance matters?