How life insurance can help you save!


Honestly, saving is quite hard to do in this day and age. With all the latest gadgets and gizmos available, and all the fun things to do before life slips by, savings may be the least of our concerns. But here is the thing though! Savings should be your topmost priority.

No one aspires to be 40 and broke, with very little to show for the past four decades that crept up from out of nowhere. Luckily, you have many options available to protect your future.

A life assurance plan is the best option for those of you (all of us, really) that just cannot help but dip into your bank savings every now and then. A new phone has come out? There you go depleting that account again, thinking next month you will make up for it (Hint: you won’t!). With a life assurance, it is much harder to raid your savings whenever you feel like it.

If you feel you will need some cash every now and then to fulfill your projects or just to spoil yourself, we have got different savings plan which allows you to do just that. The Sacos Special Plan pays you at regular intervals (25% of the sum assured) and then still pays you the full amount you insured at the end of your policy term. Awesome, right?! It’s like having your cake and eating it! We also have the Special Endowment Plan which pays you a survival benefit of 15% every five years and pays you the difference on your sum assured upon maturity. The Sacos Exclusive Plan pays you a percentage of your sum assured every three years until the date of maturity.

If you are more concerned on collecting a big payout at the end of your savings plan, we have got you covered there too. The Endowment Assurance Plan pays you the full sum assured upon maturity of your policy. The Fixed Term Savings Plan is especially designed for those who opt to cash out much later and it pays back to the policyholder more than what was put into the plan in terms of profits accrued. The Double Security Plan pays you the full sum assured upon maturity and twice the sum assured upon death – that is SCR2m to your loved ones on a SCR1m savings plan.

For the savvy ones, one savings plan is simply not enough. They usually combine it with another one which takes care of them come retirement. The Special Whole Life Assurance Plan pays you 15% every five years throughout your whole life and, amazingly, you stop paying your premium at the age of 60.

While you’re musing over all these saving options, if you’re a parent give your child a leg up on all these savings with either our Junior Plan or Educational Plan.

Call us today or one of our agents to start a conversation on the plan which is best suited for you!


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