Love, Money, Health? How to keep track of your targets for the year

Did you set out a target for yourself at the beginning of the year? If you did, that’s great news. 

Whether it be love, money, health or some other ambitious goal, you probably want to take stock of your targets for this year.

As we are halfway through 2021, you might find that you are either well on track or way off course. You need not worry though, there are many methods and tools out there to help you stay on course.

To help you out, we have compiled some useful ways to help you achieve your goals.

1. Make a to-do list. As obvious as this may be, many people do not actually write down the goals they set for themselves. But a visual representation of what you hope to accomplish in a given year can keep you motivated, inspired on track. 

2. Be specific. A vague target that you cannot tangibly see or assess might not make you feel that you accomplished a lot in the year. If you are specific however your achievements might be more clearer and even more important, realistic. 

3. Map out your goal. It’s not enough to set a goal for yourself, you must also have a plan to help you get there. Whether it be a savings target for the year, a new car or simply quitting smoking, you need to work out the minute details of your plan. 

E.g. Say you have a target for SCR50,000 in your savings account at the end of the year. Calculate how much you can save per month, cut your spending, sell items you no longer need/use or sell some of your work if you have a hidden skill like painting or crafting.

4. Monitor your goals. While July is a great time to audit your annual goals, monitoring them more often might be more helpful. How often you do it should be up to your comfort level. You’re trying to live a happy and fulfilling life, so there’s no need to put yourself under pressure.

5. Reset your goals. There’s no shame in knowing that you may not accomplish what you set out to do when the year started. Life can be complicated and challenging at the best of time and 2021 hasn’t been one of those times. You can make a new list or do a simple revision of the one you currently have. 

Having a yearly goal is great, but a lifetime one is even better. While we cannot help you decide a lifetime achievement for yourself, we can help you get there. Life insurance policies are designed to help you make a savings plan for yourself in future.

Your policies can pay you at regular intervals or you can be paid a lump sum amount at the end of policy plan.

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Key features of the Sacos Education Plan

By now, you must have read about some of the key features of the Sacos Education Plan and how it can help you pay for your your child’s tuition fees. There are other interesting features of the Sacos Education Plan and we have listed all of them below to help you make your final decision.

Key features of the Sacos Education Plan:

  • Policy Term

Unlike other life insurance policies, there are only three term plans available – 10 years, 15 years and 20 years.

  • Schedule of Benefits

The schedule of benefits are paid in the last five years of the plan, prior to maturity. For example in a 10-year plan, the survival benefits are paid in Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 of the policy term. Unique to the Sacos Education Plan, the purpose of this schedule is to coincide with tuition payments such as all five years of secondary school.

  • Maturity

Upon maturity of the policy, the remainder of the sum assured, plus accrued bonuses is paid out to the policy holder.

  • Minimum Sum Assured

While there is no maximum sum assured, the minimum sum assured is SCR100,000.

  • Death and Permanent Disability

Upon the unfortunate demise or permanent disability of the policyholder, the full sum assured plus accrued bonuses is paid to the beneficiary.

  • Policyholder

In contrast to the Sacos Junior Plan, the policy holder in this case is the proposer of the policy – the parent or legal guardian.

  • Beneficiary

Unlike other plans, parents cannot just name any beneficiary to this policy. The beneficiary must be the child whose education will benefit from the policy.

  • Policy Advance

Up to 90% of the Cash Surrender Value of the policy may be granted for emergency needs as a policy advance.

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Win a SCR100,000 Sacos Endowment Plan…and more!

There has never been a better time to buy life insurance than now. Between May and August 2021, you could win two amazing prizes when you purchase a new life insurance.

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The Prize? Win a free Sacos Endowment Plan valued at SCR100,000.

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Other T&C? The promotion does not apply to the following: Credit Life and Mortgage insurance, Funeral Insurance Plan and any new Life business with a sum insured below SCR200,000.

Children Life Promo – “Give their dreams wings and watch them fly!”

The Prize? Win a free helicopter ride with Zil Air for your child. Three winners will be selected.

How to participate? When you purchase either the Sacos Junior Plan or the Education Plan, you will be automatically entered into a draw.

Promotional period? Promotion runs from 19 May to 30 June 2021.

There’s always a good reason to buy life insurance, but right now is just the perfect time to do so.

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