How your garden can protect your home from floods

Gardening is easily one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. The end results of your labour of love generally improve your home’s exterior and provide you with healthy, homegrown, plant-based meals.

But, there’s one more thing that gardening, and landscaping, can do for you – protect your house from flooding.

During the rainy season, many homeowners become victims of a flooded home and garden. While, with time, the flooded water may lower and eventually dry out; the structural damage to the house can be permanent. Moreover, the homeowner has to contend with debris damage, content damage etc.

Here’s how good gardening and landscaping can help you out:

Grading your lawn: While homeowners have a tendency to prefer a flat/levelled-out lawn, it may be wiser for your lawn to have a downward slope in all directions from your house. The slope does not have to be noticeable, but it has to be sufficient enough for water to flow away from your house when it rains, rather than remain stagnant.

Use water-absorbent plants: Highly absorbent plants are not only resistant to heavy rainfalls, but they also help ensure that excess water in your garden is soaked up.

Apply quality soil: The quality of the soil plays a great role in preventing flooded gardens. Healthy soils absorb water quicker and enriches the surrounding plants.

Maintain grass health: A healthy grass will ensure that water is absorbed quickly and also act as a deterrent against soil erosion. Water, fertilise and mow your grass regularly to maintain its health and thus avoid a flooded garden.

Other useful tips to consider:

  • Raise your house on stilts or piers
  • Apply coatings and sealants
  • Clear the spouts
  • Buy home insurance

What to do in case of floods?

If your home is flooded and you have home insurance, you can submit a claim with us via Visit our website for more details on how to submit a claim.

Learn more about our home insurance products by contacting us on 4295000 or You can also request a quote for home insurance via our website.

What is the right amount of life insurance for me?

Are you wondering how much you should assure for your life policy? The answer depends entirely on you but there are some important factors you may need to consider before you determine the sum assured.

Age: The younger you are or rather, the earlier you start your policy, the cheaper your monthly premium. This means that you can afford to purchase a bigger life insurance coverage with a long policy term

Income: Your current income will determine your ability to pay a monthly premium. If you foresee upwards income mobility for yourself in the future, you can decide to choose a life policy sum that aligns with your future salary. This will also entail envisioning how your expenditure could be affected when you factor in a family, mortgage and car expenses.

Future obligations: Depending on the reasons you are taking out a life insurance policy, you may want to consider what future obligations you will have that this policy could cover. Is it a house, a car, start-up capital for your business, tuition fees for your children, retirement money? Whatever your reasons may be, you should assure a sum which corresponds to those needs. In fact, you should also carefully a life policy which is better suited for those plans.

Dependents’ Needs: Because life insurance works well as an inheritance for your loved ones, you should consider an amount which would leave your dependents in a position to continue to maintain their current lifestyle. For example, you may consider an amount which covers your existing debts or mortgage. You may also consider an amount which ensures that your kids can continue attending the same school.

Talk through all of these options with your life insurance agent or one of our lovely staff at Sacos and they can help you to choose an option that is right for you.

If you buy a policy of SCR200,000 or above before 31 August, you get a chance to win a free endowment plan worth SCR100,000

Use life insurance as an inheritance for your child

Most parents, regardless of their income bracket, work hard to provide for their children’s future. 

A part of that is ensuring that their children has some form of savings when they come of age. In the extreme event of their untimely death, most parents would want to leave behind an inheritance for their child.

 Wealth and savings

Some people acquire wealth through inheritance. Others gain wealth through earned income, profits or investments. Over time, they accumulate enough savings to the extent that they can safely pass down a sufficient amount to their children without affecting their current lifestyle.

Life insurance and inheritance

Not many people can afford to build an inheritance fund for their children, whilst maintaining their current lifestyle. Thankfully, there are other alternative ways to do that. 

Life insurance is a contract between an insurer and a policyholder which guarantees that the sum assured will be paid to the policyholder during or after the term of the policy (depending on the policy) in exchange for premiums paid to the insurer. A person could in theory* pay SCR500 in premium every month for a life policy worth SCR150,000.

*In practice, there are many factors which determine the premium such as age, policy term, policy plan etc.

Importantly, life insurance guarantees that the beneficiary of the policyholder is paid the full sum assured in the event of the death of the policyholder.

The insurer, Sacos, is obligated to pay the full sum assured to the beneficiary even if the policyholder had only been paying the premium for a few years before their passing. That payout to the beneficiary becomes their inheritance.

If a policyholder has a life policy worth SCR250,000, that amount will be paid to the beneficiary when the policyholder passes away.

With other saving options, the beneficiary gets has been saved at the time of death. With life insurance, the beneficiary gets what the policyholder intended to save before their untimely passing.

Even if the policyholder survives the term of the plan, the payout received by the policyholder can be placed in a separate savings account as future inheritance to their children.

For more information on life insurance and to learn more about the current life insurance promotion which ends on 31 August, call us on 4295000 or send an email to For a quote on our life insurance plans, you can submit your request via our website.

Win a Free Endowment Assurance Plan

There’s still time for you to win a free Endowment Assurance Plan with our special promo ending 31 August 2021.

Buy any life insurance with Sacos and you can stand the chance to win a free SCR100,000 Endowment Assurance Plan (T&Cs apply).

This promo applies only to policyholders who buy the following life policies above the value of SCR200,000: 

Double Security Plan, Endowment Assurance Plan, Sacos Education Plan, Sacos Exclusive Plan, Sacos Junior Plan, Special Endowment Assurance Plan and Special Whole Life Assurance Plan.

Some of the key features of our life insurance plans are detailed below:

Double Security Plan – pays double the sum assured upon death of policyholder.

Endowment Assurance Plan – pays full sum assured upon maturity – end of policy term.

Sacos Education Plan – pays 10% survival benefit each year during the last 5 years of the plan and 50% upon maturity.

Sacos Exclusive Plan – pays survival benefits every 3 years until maturity.

Sacos Junior Plan – pays full sum assured to the policyholder’s child upon maturity.

Sacos Special Plan – pays 25% survival benefit every one-fifth of policy term and full sum assured upon maturity.

Special Endowment Assurance Plan – pays 15% survival benefit every 5 years until maturity.

Special Whole Life Assurance Plan – pays 15% survival benefit until the policyholder’s passing.

For more information on our policies and on the promotion, call us on 429 5000, send an email to or request a quote via our website.

Why should you choose the Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan?

The death of a loved one brings a collective moment of grief for the family and friends left behind. For some families, this unimaginable loss is compounded with financial anxieties and stress.

For this reason, Sacos introduced the Funeral Insurance Plan last year to assist grieving families with the financial burden of funerals.

An affordable plan

We saw the necessity at the time to ensure that the plan was affordable for all Seychellois. For example, a person aged 30 – 39 years could pay as little as SCR91 per month for a SCR30,000 plan. 

A flexible plan

We also saw the need to provide people with options depending on their payment capability or the type of service they foresaw for themselves or their loved ones. Our clients have four options to choose from and the option they choose for themselves is also open to their loved ones. For this reason, a person could add their spouse, children or parents on to their plan.

A hassle-free plan

Our priority was to ensure that you could easily buy the plan at any point in time. We, therefore, do not ask you for any medical examination prior to the purchase. You simply complete the proposal form, pay your first premium and voila you and your loved ones are covered.

A compassionate plan

With an understanding that funerals are stressful and an already painful time for all involved, we have ensured that our claims process take no more than 48 hours.

An all-inclusive plan

Although terms and conditions apply, our plan covers almost all types of death, including death from COVID-19. 

The Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan is the most sensible choice for you to make.

If you want to choose Sacos Funeral Insurance Plan, call us on 4295000, send an email to or request a quote via our website.