Coastal living: How does it damage your car?

Seychelles is often referred to as paradise, and rightly so! Beautiful azure oceans, white sandy beaches, we are truly blessed. However, living on an island has its downside! In fact, our environment may be the cause or accelerator to vehicle corrosion and damage!

How so?

Well for starters, the combination of the sun and salt air can greatly affect a car’s paint. This happens as a result of the hot sun increasing the pores in the paint, which results in greater absorption of salty moisture. Absorption of salty moisture means one thing: corrosion.

In addition to paint, other parts of the vehicle, such as the brake calipers, nuts and bolts, can corrode as well. Did you know that salty humidity and dew are among the largest factors in progressing corrosion? We didn’t either!

The longer cars are exposed to the sea, the more damage it causes. Our research shows that there is a ‘honeymoon period’ of about three to five years where you probably won’t see much damage. Then, in five to seven years, minor rust spots can develop on the car. We understand that you can’t always replace the rusty parts, like the bolts and nuts, but you should always try to so before corrosion weakens the parts to the point of failure. If the body of the car is extremely corroded, you may find that says that it may be more worth it in the long run to simply replace the car rather than try to fix and repaint it.

How can I prevent ocean-related car damage?

Some areas can have a greater effect than others. If you live right across a beach or in the near vicinity of one, you may one to consider some of these suggestions in order to help or decline in the rate of ocean-related damage to you car:

  • This may sound silly because it comes across as very obvious, but don’t drive on sand or into ocean water. If you absolutely must, be sure to rinse the underside of the car with a hose after it has cooled off.
  • If you have the facility, park in a garage or use a vehicle cover
  • Wash and wax the paint regularly.


By understanding why the damage to your car happens when you live near the ocean, you can take the appropriate steps to help limit or prevent it, and you can enjoy coastal living with minimal corrosion

Importance of keeping a first aid kit on hand

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should keep an emergency kit on hand, at home and at your workplace, but the fact is: Accidents happen.

The thing about accidents is you can never predict when or how they are going to happen, so it is always best to be prepared, and having a first aid kit on hand could save you a few trips to the emergency room. In fact, we believe that you do not need to wait for an accident to happen before you get one! Here’s why:

Kids will be kids! Cuts, bruises, scraped knees and minor burns all come with the territory. Having a first aid kit on hand with appropriate supplies is a godsend when you have a household containing children.

Prevents small injuries from becoming big ones: Leaving a wound untreated can cause it to become infected and can lead to other health hazards. Immediate treatment aids in reducing risks.

Being your own first responder: You cannot always be sure that there will be someone around if you get hurt. Keeping a first aid kit in your house and/or car can be very useful if ever help is out of reach.

Saving blood: This is one everyone seldom thinks about; we only have so much blood! In cases where injuries includes blood loss, having supplies on hand to stop the bleeding can save your life – and provide extra time for you to reach help.

Peace of mind: Knowing that, in the event of an accident, you are equipped can help reduce panic so you are able to control the situation when it occurs.

Liability! No business wants to think about being sued, so be sure to keep a first aid kit on the premise and let your employees know where it is in case an accident occurs.

When accidents occur, no matter how minor it appears, time is of the essence – Keeping a first aid kit on hand means you can provide temporary aid until help arrives. You will feel better knowing you are equipped to help somebody in need – Maybe even yourself!

Tips on how to convince a loved one to purchase life insurance

Are you worried that your loved ones are not sufficiently prepared or protected? Convince them to purchase life insurance!

What should you say to them?

You should tell them the truth:

Life insurance provides financial coverage for loved ones after you pass away

They may be worrying about how they will provide for the people who depend on them. Life insurance can take care of these concerns by supplementing their income, help cover medical debts as well as other expenses they may incur along the way.

It can help them out of debts

If they have any mortgage, or credit card debt that may or may not be discharged upon death, life insurance benefit can repay debts and ease the financial burden survivors face.

Prepare for End of Life Expenses

A seldom talked about topic but people need to start planning their own funeral! As you start planning you will realise how great the cost is; talk with your loved one about the advantages of covering this expense with a life insurance policy.

Emphasize the Benefits of Buying Young

The younger you are when you start, the lower your premium will be! This is because life insurance premiums are typically tied to a person’s age and health. Bonus: their whole life insurance policy will have more time to grow in value the longer they own it. Stress that life insurance is a valuable asset, because lets face it:  it is!

By using these tips, you can hopefully convince your loved one to purchase this valuable coverage for their peace of mind, and yours.

If they do it between now to 31st March, they will automatically be entered into our draw that will be taken in April 2019.

My firm owns a lot of company cars, do I need to insure them all individually?

Short answer? No.

At Sacos we understand that one of the big overheads for a business comes from the ownership and maintenance of a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Your company fleet of work-use motor vehicles represents a significant investment in capital, and a sizeable proportion of the risk the company carries as driving is among the most dangerous work activities.

When motor vehicles are involved in your operations, accidents are likely to happen, and you never know when it will take place or just how severe the results might be for your driver, passengers, and others involved in the incident; or to the surrounding roadway or property!

Our Motor Fleet Insurance Policy, offered to clients with a minimum of five vehicles of more, makes insuring your assets more affordable. The policy protects the fleet from losses incurred as a result of traffic accidents and against third party property damage or injury or death following an accident.

Sacos’ Motor Fleet Insurance is competitively priced and provides comprehensive cover for different types of vehicles. A commercial motor insurance gives your company comfort and protection for your fleet.

Does your company own for than 5 motor vehicles? This cover might be for you!

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Fidelity Guarantee: not just for marriages!

I knew a business owner whose shop, for some time, was failing to make a profit. It was odd, because she had customers. Plenty, in fact. She was often travelling, and left the day to day running of the business to her employees.

Over time, it became apparent that something was not right. Eventually she discovered where most of the money was going: into the employees’ pockets. Despite having evidence, there was little she could do to get her money back.

Many businesses are fortunate enough to never have to be in a similar position, but a lot of companies are exposed to significant financial losses due to crime committed by employees. What can you, as a business owner do to protect yourself?


What is Fidelity Guarantee Insurance?

It is an insurance policy designed to indemnify the Insured (usually the employer/business owner) for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of fraud, theft or dishonesty by an employee during the course of his/her employment. The policy is designed to compensate employers against loss of money or stock through fraud or dishonesty of their employees in the course of performing their duties. It is especially beneficial for companies or businesses where employees have to handle cash on a regular basis.

What does it cover?

 The policy indemnifies insured against financial losses:

  • Committed by employees as a result of fraud
  • When the fraud is detected during the period of insurance.
  • When employee has been prosecuted for fraud or there is evidence that the fraud was committed by the employee.

So essentially, it will provide reimbursement for loss resulting from dishonesty, fraud, loss of property, loss from loans or trading committed by an employee for improper personal financial gain. It will also cover theft of property through computer fraud, as well as the theft of funds from the insured’s transfer account at a financial institution are also indemnified.

If you’re concerned about fraud or theft, then pay us a visit at our new location in town or call us on 429 5000 or send an email to for more information on our Fidelity Guarantee Policy.