Importance of keeping a first aid kit on hand

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should keep an emergency kit on hand, at home and at your workplace, but the fact is: Accidents happen.

The thing about accidents is you can never predict when or how they are going to happen, so it is always best to be prepared, and having a first aid kit on hand could save you a few trips to the emergency room. In fact, we believe that you do not need to wait for an accident to happen before you get one! Here’s why:

Kids will be kids! Cuts, bruises, scraped knees and minor burns all come with the territory. Having a first aid kit on hand with appropriate supplies is a godsend when you have a household containing children.

Prevents small injuries from becoming big ones: Leaving a wound untreated can cause it to become infected and can lead to other health hazards. Immediate treatment aids in reducing risks.

Being your own first responder: You cannot always be sure that there will be someone around if you get hurt. Keeping a first aid kit in your house and/or car can be very useful if ever help is out of reach.

Saving blood: This is one everyone seldom thinks about; we only have so much blood! In cases where injuries includes blood loss, having supplies on hand to stop the bleeding can save your life – and provide extra time for you to reach help.

Peace of mind: Knowing that, in the event of an accident, you are equipped can help reduce panic so you are able to control the situation when it occurs.

Liability! No business wants to think about being sued, so be sure to keep a first aid kit on the premise and let your employees know where it is in case an accident occurs.

When accidents occur, no matter how minor it appears, time is of the essence – Keeping a first aid kit on hand means you can provide temporary aid until help arrives. You will feel better knowing you are equipped to help somebody in need – Maybe even yourself!

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