Double security = Double protection for you and your family!

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If you are anything like us, then you have probably spent many a sleepless night wondering how you can ensure your family is always taken care of… especially if you are the main income earner. How many times have you tried thinking of ways to assure their well being if ever something were to happen to you? If only there was a guaranteed way of making sure that your family would be financially secure … But there is!

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Are you keeping up with Seychelles’ football?

On Tuesday, Seychelles will play South Africa at the Stad Linite in the 2019 African Cup of Nations qualifier. Having already lost to Bafana Bafana at 6 – 0 on their away game, Seychelles has one last (but slim) chance to win a game.

Sadly, football, as with all other sports in Seychelles, is extremely underfunded. All players work a fulltime job in addition to being a member of a club. The allowances they receive, if any, is minimal. Players train on a part time basis, after work and on weekends. Indeed, most of them play as a result of a passion for the sport.

The local community should come down in full force to give support to the Seychelles side. Not only is local sports underfunded but it is also under appreciated. Our team will be inspired to perform better if they have the support of the country behind them.

Sacos quiz competition

We are currently running a quiz competition on Facebook for a chance to win a pair of tickets to watch the game. 10 lucky winners will be selected from a draw.

Insurance in sports

On a global basis, insurance have worked hand in hand with football, notably the FIFA World Cup tournaments which are insured to the nth degree. Insurance coverage have been provided for sports equipment, matches, stadiums, media and other publicities and players etc.

Sacos Insurance Group provides a range of insurance products which can protect the risks of football in Seychelles. The Personal Accident cover can also protect players through compensation as a result of bodily injury sustained in an accident.

Compensation is based on a scale which is determined by the degree of the injury. Benefits include compensation for Total and Permanent Disability or death and can be chosen to cover players on a 24 hour basis or on an occupational basis.

Exceptions to the coverage include any unlawful act by the insured, effect or influence of drugs / alcohol etc, dangerous sports like rock climbing, mountaineering, skin diving etc., war, invasion or act of enemy etc, Pre-existing disability or injury and regular or temporary military or police duty.

Contact Sacos for more information on Personal Accident.

Sacos rewards new Junior and Education Plan Promotion winners!


This Friday afternoon 5th October, there was a buzz at the Sacos Tower, as eager young children waited to claim their prize for the Junior and Education promotion.

In July, Sacos launched an awareness campaign for the Junior and Education plans. We wanted to remind customers that Sacos has products for all family members. Our children are our greatest assets and we want them to benefit from a bright future. These plans have been created exactly for this. We want to give you the opportunity to give your children a head start on their life long journey.

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