Why Travel Insurance is crucial for medical reasons!

While we slowly come out of the pandemic, one of the most crucial travel item to have nowadays, in these – you guessed it – unprecedented times, is the Travel Insurance.

Your travel insurance gives you an element of protection and security from unforeseen events, outside of your control. 

You may be thinking, as a fit and healthy person, what could possibly happen to me that would necessitate medical coverage under a travel insurance?

For one, catching COVID-19 while abroad! 

Since 2020, we have seen how fast COVID-19 can spread and how deadly it can be.

Thankfully, vaccination campaigns around the world and other measures, have considerably slowed down the spread of COVID-19. However, COVID-19 is still one of the most prevalent and deadliest viruses currently around. 

This is why we recently added COVID-19 cover as part of our travel insurance package. Remember, you can still catch COVID-19 (and spread it) despite being vaccinated.

In the event, you are hospitalised, quarantined or treated for COVID-19, your travel insurance will cover the related expenses, without seriously affecting your travel budget or savings.

What’s more, we also cover other hospitalisation and medical expenses!

If you get into an accident or you suddenly fall sick whilst on your trip, your travel insurance will cover the related medical bills. This is really crucial as in some places, hospitals may refuse treatment without confirmation of insurance on your side. Having a travel insurance can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

Other benefits in emergencies!

The benefits of Sacos Travel Insurance is wide-ranging. It includes coverage for emergency medical evaluation, if required. 

It also includes coverage to allow a family member to fly over and stay with you while you are hospitalised. The insurance covers the flight and accommodation cost, on top of covering your hospital stay.

There’s more!

In the event of your passing or the passing of your close family member travelling with you, your Sacos Travel Insurance will cover the cost of repatriation of your or their remains.
Without insurance, these expenses such as below can quickly add up and really affect your finances or that of your family’s:

  • Consultation
  • Quarantine
  • Hospitalisation
  • Treatment
  • Emergency travel and accommodation
  • Repatriation of body to home country

You do not have to take on debt because a bad situation happened to you while you were abroad, when your Travel Insurance can cost as little as SCR260.

For more information on Sacos Travel Insurance, call us on 429 5000 or send an email to general@sacos.sc. You can also request a quote online.

Take part in the Sacos Christmas Lottery – SCR10,000 Star Prize

The Sacos Christmas Lottery is here once more and we have 10 cash prizes for you, along with the SCR10,000 star prize.

What prizes are in the lottery?

The Star Prize is SCR10,000 and there are 10 additional cash prizes of SCR3,000.

Who can participate?

Any policyholder with a personal life insurance with Sacos can participate in the grand lottery. Policyholders of Funeral Insurance Plan and Credit/Mortgage Insurance are not eligible to participate.

How to participate?

If you purchase your life insurance between 17 October and 17 December you will be automatically entered into the draw. Policyholders who purchased their insurance prior to 17 October are also eligible to participate.

When is the draw taken?

The draw will be taken on 22 December. Winners will be announced on Facebook and will be contacted directly by Sacos.*

*We will not ask you for your banking details over the phone or by email.


Interval and regular survival benefits payment

Want to receive your survival benefits at regular intervals? These policies are just the right fit for you:

  • Sacos Exclusive Plan – payment every 3 years
  • Sacos Special Plan – 25% payment every one fifth of the term
  • Special Endowment Plan – 15% payment every 5 years

Click here to learn more about our other life insurance policies and/or to request a quote online.

Our life insurance products are affordable and provide you and your loved ones with financial security.

For more information on the lottery and our life insurance policies, call us on 429 5000, send an email to life@sacos.sc or visit our website.

Learn more about our Student Travel Insurance policy

The Student Travel Insurance policy is specifically designed to provide coverage to students studying abroad. It provides a worldwide coverage to students, with the exception of their country of residence.

Policyholders can choose between a more basic coverage – Worldwide Classic  – or a more extensive coverage –  Worldwide Premium.

Both policies provide the following coverage:

Medical and Emergency Assistance (including COVID-19)

This includes the cost of hospitalisation, consultation fees, prescribed medicine and other treatments, emergency dental care, as well as compulsory quarantine for COVID-19. It also covers emergency travel such as medical evacuation, return home upon death of a close family member and travel of one immediate family member). In cases of death, the policy covers the repatriation of the mortal remains, including that of the family member travelling with the insured.

Personal Assistance Services

The Personal Assistance Services allows the insured to contact the re-insurer at any time as it provides a 24hour service. It helps with the delivery of medicines and in cases of hijacking in means of public transport.


It provides compensation for in-flight loss pf checked-in luggage, as well as delays in the arrival of luggage. Moreover, it covers the cost of location and forwarding of personal effects. The policy also covers the loss of important travel documents such as passports, driving licences and national identify cards.

Personal Accident in means of Public Transport

Our policy covers compensation related to accidental death, permanent disability or permanent total disability due to accidents when travelling in a public transport whilst overseas.

Personal Liability

The policy provides students with coverage for legal defence, as well as personal civil liability.

All the above coverage are subject to exceptions and limitations.

The policyholder has the option to choose between four different cover periods: 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year.

For more information on the Student Travel Insurance, call us on 4295000 or send an email to general@sacos.sc. For an insurance quote, contact us via our website: www.sacos.sc

What to know about the COVID-19 coverage included in the Sacos Travel Insurance

With travelling steadily resuming to pre-pandemic level, we have expanded our Travel Insurance to include coverage against costs related to COVID-19. 
This means that if you catch COVID-19 whilst abroad, we will cover the cost of hospitalisation and other related medical expenses, including the cost of compulsory quarantine.
What is the limit on the coverage for medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad?It depends on the region you visit:

  • For Africa and Asia, the limit is USD15,000; 
  • For Europe and UK, it is EUR30,000; 
  • For Worldwide Basic, it is USD30,000; and, 
  • For Worldwide Plus it is USD100,000.

Do I have to pay an ‘Excess’ when I submit a claim?In insurance terms, Excess is the portion of the insured loss paid by the policy holder. The policyholder only has to pay the Excess if they received outpatient treatment. It means, therefore, that the insurer will meet the entirety of the insured loss for inpatient treatment received. The Excess amount is only USD50 for all regions, except for Europe and UK which is EUR50.
What other health-related coverage are included?The Sacos Travel Insurance also provides additional coverage to the traveller:

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Repatriation of family member travelling with the insured
  • Travel for one family member if you are hospitalised abroad
  • Emergency return home following death of a close family member

Are there other travel-related costs included in the coverage?

  • Personal accidents in means of public transport
  • Personal assistance services (24 hour assistance)
  • Loss of baggage and travel documents
  • Personal Liability
  • Cancellation and curtailment
  • Losses due to delays

What’s more! Our Travel Insurance has a very competitive premium rate. A 7-day trip can cost as little as SCR260. 

If you are planning to travel soon, be sure to include the Sacos Travel Insurance as part of your essential travel items. For more information, call us on 4295000 or general@sacos.sc. To request a quote, visit out website at www.sacos.sc