Win SCR10,000 Star Prize of the Sacos Christmas Lottery

The festive season kicks off early once more with the annual Sacos Christmas Lottery.

You can be the lucky winner of the Star Prize or win one of the 10 Bonus Cash Prizes.

Who can participate? All new and existing life insurance policyholders with an active policy are eligible to participate in the Christmas Lottery. For your chance to win, buy or gift a life insurance policy with Sacos between now and December 16. All life insurance policies applicable except for Funeral Insurance Plan, Credit Life Plan and Mortgage Protection Plan.

When is the validity period of the promotion? The promotion is valid to December 16.

When is the draw taken? The draw will be taken on 21 December 2022.

What to win? The lucky winner will win the Star Prize of SCR10,000. There are also 10 bonus cash prizes of SCR3,000.

Where to get more information? Call us on 4295000 or send an email to