Here’s to another 42 more years of providing innovative insurance solutions

This August, we celebrate 42 years since our company was first established. At the time, we were famously known as “SACOS”, an acronym derived from the State Assurance Corporation of Seychelles Act.

Although we are still Sacos, we have since undergone a substantial transformation to become the company we are today. 

After rebranding and restructuring in 2017, we were able to simplify our operations and become more customer-oriented. Our primary focus now is to give you the excellent care and attention that you deserve – and more importantly, value for your money.

With an expansive range of insurance products, we are sure to identify an insurance solution that is geared to your business needs. We have credit protection insurance for your mortgage and loans, marine cargo insurance for your overseas delivery, a selection of engineering insurance for your construction projects, liability insurance to indemnify your business against harm and losses and so much more…

Our team of insurance experts will help you select a product tailored to your business. 

Back in1990 when the Life and Pensions Division was being set up, we could only dream of what life insurance could add to the business. Today, life insurance is a substantial part of our core business. Our most recent additions to an already diverse range of life insurance products – the Sacos Education Plan and the Sacos Funeral Plan – have been well-received.

We are always looking to expand what we offer you. Based from your feedbacks and observed market trends, we will continue to identify innovative insurance solutions for you. With our latest Student Travel Insurance, we hope to fill a much-needed gap in facilitating students studying abroad.

Our efforts to modernise our organisation continues. We are always seeking new, innovative ways to simplify our services and bringing them much closer to you. Soon buying insurance could be as easy as a click away.

For more information on our insurance products, visit our website, call us on 4295000 or send an email to either or

Why skipping on travel insurance can be a costly mistake

Pic by Matteo Parisi

When travelling overseas, your most pressing concerns might be the cost of airfares, tricky hotel bookings and/or whether or not you’ve exceeded the weight allowance.

It might therefore fail to cross your mind as to what would happen if there is a flight delay or cancellation…or worse!!

What if your flight was cancelled?

A cancelled flight can lead to an imposed no-show or late cancellation fee by the hotel. It can affect the bookings you’ve already paid for to visit some of the most famous attractions around the world. It can lead to lost luggage as a result of last-minute rerouting and changing of flights at the airport.

It can also lead to additional unbudgeted expenses such as rebooking your hotel as you can no longer leave on the planned departure date or paying for a brand new ticket

What if you fell sick or got into an accident?

Falling sick overseas is a very expensive affair. Hospital charges are normally quite high, more so if emergency surgery due to traumatic injuries are required. On top of the applicable daily fee for the hospital stay itself, you’s be expected to bear the full cost of each specific medical intervention carried out by the hospital – x-rays, blood tests, MRIs etc.

Worst yet, some hospitals may refuse admission regardless of the fatalistic nature of your injury if the patient is uninsured.

What if you catch COVID19 during your trip?

As COVID19 is very infectious, people are generally required to quarantine and isolate to limit the spread of the disease. What it means for you is a cancelled flight, additional days at the hotel for isolation or medical fees for quarantine and associated treatment. If the virus proves to be particularly harmful to you, it could result in additional fees for hospitalisation.

Thankfully, travel insurance can be the critical life saviour when you most need it!

As stressful as it would be to go through all that, you do not have to go through it alone with the Sacos Travel Insurance.

We cover:

  • Hospitalisation and other medical expenses, including COVID19
  • Emergency travel of one of your family member, including daily subsistence allowance, if you are hospitalised
  • Emergency return home if one of your family member passes away
  • Repatriation of your mortal remains if you or your travelling companion pass away whilst overseas
  • Flight cancellations and delays
  • Lost luggage, passports and other important documents
  • Personal assistance services – 24/hr
  • And many more…

If you are travelling overseas tomorrow, fret not! You can still purchase your insurance with us before your flight. Simply contact us on 429 5000 or send an email to and we will get you covered before your flight!

Stay insured! Travel under protection, with us.

Visit our website for more information on the Sacos Travel Insurance.

Study in peace with the Student Travel Insurance

One of the many reasons students have a hard time studying abroad is the uncertainty of what to do when something unexpected happens.

The unexpected can be as minor as a lost document or as serious as a road accident. What does the student do when the unexpected happens?

Most students will contact the support service at their university for guidance and assistance. In many cases, the university will already be equipped to deal with the concerns raised, such as a lapsed visa. 

In some cases, students will reach out to their parents when their universities are unable to assist. This can be in cases of emergency return home due to illness, a death in the family or a civil unrest in the country of study.

In many cases, however, the student’s family are unable to assist either due to financial reasons or simply a case of unfortunate timing. Example, a sudden road accident causing severe injuries might lead to death if the injured does not have insurance as hospitals may refuse to treat uninsured patients.

The Student Travel Insurance covers all possible scenarios a student could face while studying abroad:

– lost passport and IDs

– lost or delayed luggage

– emergency return home due to illness or death in the family

– medical care, including hospitalisation + COVID19

– emergency dental care

– repatriation of mortal remains

– travel of immediate family member to stay with hospitalised student

– 24hour personal assistance

– Plus many more…

For more information on the Student Travel Insurance call us on 4295000, send an email to or visit our website.