How your garden can protect your home from floods

Gardening is easily one of the most rewarding hobbies out there. The end results of your labour of love generally improve your home’s exterior and provide you with healthy, homegrown, plant-based meals.

But, there’s one more thing that gardening, and landscaping, can do for you – protect your house from flooding.

During the rainy season, many homeowners become victims of a flooded home and garden. While, with time, the flooded water may lower and eventually dry out; the structural damage to the house can be permanent. Moreover, the homeowner has to contend with debris damage, content damage etc.

Here’s how good gardening and landscaping can help you out:

Grading your lawn: While homeowners have a tendency to prefer a flat/levelled-out lawn, it may be wiser for your lawn to have a downward slope in all directions from your house. The slope does not have to be noticeable, but it has to be sufficient enough for water to flow away from your house when it rains, rather than remain stagnant.

Use water-absorbent plants: Highly absorbent plants are not only resistant to heavy rainfalls, but they also help ensure that excess water in your garden is soaked up.

Apply quality soil: The quality of the soil plays a great role in preventing flooded gardens. Healthy soils absorb water quicker and enriches the surrounding plants.

Maintain grass health: A healthy grass will ensure that water is absorbed quickly and also act as a deterrent against soil erosion. Water, fertilise and mow your grass regularly to maintain its health and thus avoid a flooded garden.

Other useful tips to consider:

  • Raise your house on stilts or piers
  • Apply coatings and sealants
  • Clear the spouts
  • Buy home insurance

What to do in case of floods?

If your home is flooded and you have home insurance, you can submit a claim with us via Visit our website for more details on how to submit a claim.

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