Simple cardio exercises you can do at home

64-700x430We are always finding some pretty good excuses to explain away why we do not have time to exercise – busy schedule, stressed, kids, overworked and what not. Luckily, even for the most hardworking worker out there, there are simple cardio exercises you can introduce in your daily routine which will not affect your schedule.

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Prevention awareness for safety at sea


As serene and beautiful as the turquoise blue sea surrounding our islands can be, it can also be violently dangerous, especially during unfavourable weather conditions. In Seychelles, we are almost completely dependent on the sea for our livelihood – for fisheries, importation and distribution of food and other supplies and as the exclusive mode of commute between some  islands.

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Flood proof your house


The aftermath of a flood inside a house is like the scene of a horror movie. Debris, mud, sediments, even sewage, lying everywhere in what was once most-likely a beautiful and well-looked after house. It is especially nightmarish for any homeowner to cope, not only in terms of the clean-up, but also the reparation of damaged structures such as flooring, walls, foundation, doors etc as well as the destruction of household contents and personal items.

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