Simple cardio exercises you can do at home

64-700x430We are always finding some pretty good excuses to explain away why we do not have time to exercise – busy schedule, stressed, kids, overworked and what not. Luckily, even for the most hardworking worker out there, there are simple cardio exercises you can introduce in your daily routine which will not affect your schedule.

Here are a few you can do on a daily basis:

    • Jumping jacks
    • Jump lunges
    • Jump ropes
    • Jogging in place
    • High knee march
    • Running up and down the stairs
    • Squatting
    • Squat jumps

By exercising at least 30 minutes per day you can make a huge difference to your health. Eventually, you will find yourself clocking in more exercise hours. You can do quick exercise bursts throughout the day as well and a longer session in the morning or evening.

Walking, jogging, swimming and running are all great forms of cardio exercises. If you want more privacy when exercising, you can join a gym or purchase gym-standard exercise machines.

Other things you can do in the meantime:
Consuming bad cholesterol (LDL) is one of the prevalent causes for obesity nationwide. You can make a difference in your lifestyle by minimising consumption of food which is high in ‘bad’ fat.

    •  Use olive oil instead of saturated oil
    • Do not consume food high in trans fat (hydrogenated oil) such as margarines, fried food etc
    • Reduce your food portion gradually
    • Consume food high in fibre

Remember, exercise is not only for people aspiring for the perfect body, but also for those aspiring for the perfect health. No more excuses, adopt a sustainable exercise routine and stick with it!


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