Why Householders Policy is especially important in January

January is commonly known for torrential rainfall and flash flooding in Seychelles and this year has not been much different. It is generally one of the most important months for homeowners with a Householders Policy.

Torrential rainfall and flash floods can cause damage to houses, walls and even vehicles on site. The force of the water can cause structural damage to the building, including carrying debris within the perimeter and inside the house. Heavy winds and storms can also cause fallen debris such as tree branches to damage the roof, walls and windows of the house Other damage can be caused by landslides and boulders crashing into the homes. Erosion can also weaken the foundation of the home, especially those built on stilts.

If you have a Householders Policy, your policy would cover damage to the building of your house, including roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors if you have the Building cover. Your policy would also cover damage resulting out of the flood to your furniture and other items if you have a Content cover.

If your house was recently damaged by flood or other debris from the torrential rainfall, contact Sacos to make a Claims for the damage caused.

If you do not have a Householders Policy, today is a good day to contact us (T: 429 5000 or E: claims@sacos.sc) or more information on the Householders.

Stay safe by using our Online Payment Option

With the spread of the coronavirus in the community, Sacos has recently announced new measures to restrict the movement of the public within our premises.

Amongst those measures, we are strongly advising all our customers to make use of our online payment mechanism instead of coming in-person to effect such payments.

How does it work?

You can download JuiceByMCB or from your App Store to register for online payment.

You can pay your insurance premium or your rent at anytime and anywhere on the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Juice mobile application if you are an MCB client by using Sacos’ Mobile Merchant Number:

  • Sacos Life2660966 (For Life premium & rent payment)
  • Sacos Group Limited2660967 (For general insurance premium payment)

Follow the steps below to pay Sacos:

1.      Select ‘Pay a Juice Merchant’.

2.      Type “Sacos” under ‘Search merchant’.

3.      Are you making a life insurance premium or Sacos rent payment? Select ‘Sacos Life Insurance’.

4.      Are you making a general insurance premium payment? Select ‘Sacos Group Limited’.

5.      Enter the amount to be paid, e.g. SCR500.

6.      Are you making an insurance premium payment? Enter the policy number of your insurance.

7.      Are you making a rent payment? Enter your full name.

If you are not a client of MCB, please consult our website to identify other payment options.

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

With COVID-19 currently spreading through the community, the public is being advised to undertake health and safety practices and to remain vigilant at all times.

Taking in consideration the advice of the Public Health Authority on COVID-19 prevention, here are a few tips for our esteemed customers:

1.      Masks should be worn at all times when out in public, especially where the 1m physical distance requirement cannot be met.

2.      Observe the 1m distance even if you are wearing a mask.

3.      Masks should be worn at all times if you engage with members of the public. If possible, place a protective screen between yourself and the clients you engage with.

4.      Masks should not be shared. Keep a clean, spare one in your bag or car in case you forget your mask at home.

5.      If disposable, masks should be worn once and immediately thrown away when no longer usable.

6.      If masks are reusable, masks should be worn once and washed thoroughly before reuse.

7.      When removing your masks, remove it by the straps (behind your ears) and limit contact with the front-facing part of the mask.

8.      Do not leave your mask lying around on commonly used surfaces once you have removed it.

9.      Keep surfaces at home and at work clean at all times, including desanitising the area on a daily basis.

10.   Limit the number of people within your premises at all times to ensure that the 1m physical distance requirement can be met. Avoid gathering with people outside of your social/home circle.

11.   Provide sanitiser dispensers at the front of your entrance for members of the public to use.

12.   Sanitise your hands before engaging with another person and after dealing with cash, documents, parcels or others received from someone else.

13.   Remove your work clothes once you arrive home and immediately place them in the laundry room.

14.   Wash your hands thoroughly with soap regularly and avoid touching your face at all times.

15.   Treat everyone, not in your immediate home circle, as if they could possibly have COVID-19 and maintain your distance, avoid handshake, greet-kissing or any physical touching.

Protect yourself and those around you. Wear a mask!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

2020 has been an incredibly hard year for everyone, but especially for those who have lost employment and business opportunities. The tourism and entertainment industry have been hit particularly hard, with ripple effects on related and supporting industries such as the fishing and farming communities.

As Seychelles brace for a tough year ahead, we still have so many things to be thankful for. 
We are thankful for the health and safety of our family, friends and people in our community. We are thankful that up to now, our beloved country has had zero deaths related to the pandemic. We are thankful for the food on our tables, clean water, and a roof above our heads. 
We are also thankful for the smaller things such as kind gestures from a stranger, a friendly support from our neighbour and a helping hand from a coworker. These are the things which make our community stronger and more resilient.
We also give thanks to the pure, natural environmental beauty surrounding Seychelles. For having the world’s most beautiful beaches, clean and freshest air, picturesque landscapes, vibrant forests and rare and endemic flora and fauna. Thanks for being one of the privileged few, lucky to have lived in Seychelles.
We are especially thankful for the sacrifices made by essential workers during the pandemic. To the small, but hardworking team at the Public Health Authorities, who have worked tirelessly and in difficult conditions to keep us safe, at their own personal risks. To the fire services for working tirelessly to save our homes and protect our landfills. To the police for keeping our roads safe and responding to emergencies. To all health and emergency responders for working day and night to save a life and to keep a nation healthy.
In the spirit of Christmas and on behalf of the Sacos team, we take this moment to wish everyone, including you and your family a Merry Christmas. May this day be filled with love and laughter.

                                            Merry Christmas!

Road Safety during the Festive Season

 Accidents commonly rise during the festive season given increased traffic around central shopping areas and alcohol-related accidents following parties and gatherings

Here are some quick tips for you to consider:

  1. Do not drink and drive. Eitherappoint a designated driver for parties or gatherings or sleep over at your host’s place if you are too drunk to drive home. You might think you’re not that drunk, but alcohol also reduces your reaction time.
  2. Service your car ahead of celebrations if you haven’t done so within the last six months. Accidents can be easily averted if your car’s systems are functioning properly.
  3. Take regular breaks from driving. Being on the road for long periods of time can increase your risk of causing an accident. Switch seats with your valid-licensed partner if you need to. If you feel a sudden bout of drowsiness while driving, pull over to rest or call someone to pick you up.
  4. Do not exceed the speed limit. Your ability to brake on time depends on the speed you are travelling. Drunk pedestrians and inattentive children are using the road, too. If you have to go over the driving limit to overtake someone, then you didn’t need to overtake anyone in the first place.
  5. Respect road etiquette. Dim your lights and stay in your lane. Do not impair the ability of others to drive safely on the road. Should you hear a siren, move aside for emergency vehicles to pass.
  6. Stay alert and focused. Your hands and eyes should be free from distractions. Don’t text and drive and definitely do not start an argument while you’re driving.
  7. Seat belt on, please. Not only should you and the front passenger be in seat belts, but all occupants in the car should wear one, too, especially infants and toddlers. For the seat belt averse in your circle, refuse to start the car if everyone hasn’t buckled up.
  8. Know your emergency numbers. Dial 151 for an ambulance and 999 for police/fire department.
  9. Ensure your driving license is up-to-date and on your person when driving. Police checks are more frequent during this period and a valid license is essential for insurance claims.
  10. Renew your Motor Insurance on time. Claims will not be covered for accidents if your insurance has expired. A Third Party Insurance will cover damage to the other car, a Full Comprehensive Insurance will cover damage to your car as well.