Is buying home insurance complicated?

While insurance can be a complicated affair, certain products are fairly straightforward to understand and even easier to buy.

Home insurance is one such product!

What makes home insurance easy to understand and buy?

It is straightforward: Home insurance covers damage to your house and household contents. Whether you own a house or apartment, you are eligible to purchase a home insurance provided you are of age to enter into a legal contract. Even as a tenant, you could purchase insurance to cover at least your household contents. This is why we offer you a choice between a building-only cover, a contents-only cover or both.

The process is simple: The time between requesting a quote to signing an insurance contract should be fairly short. Once you request a quote from us (details at the end of the post), we will ask you to confirm the value of your house. Ideally, your house should have been professionally evaluated. Why does this matter? If your house is undervalued, then it means you are underinsured. Say your house was worth SCR3 million, but you only appraised it to SCR1 million. In the event of a complete damage to your house, you will only be able to access up to SCR1 million in compensation. That would leave SCR2 million in lost value.

A helpful and professional team: Our team of professionals have been in the business of selling insurance for over four decades, in some cases – almost an entire career lifetime of selling insurance. We know and understand your concerns fully. We can advise you on the best approach which makes the most sense for your asset. They remain available for contact by phone, email and in-person.

One payment per year: Home insurance is fairly affordable depending on your comfort level. The good news is that you pay your premium once a year. It is up to you whether you wish to renew your insurance in the following year, but we strongly advise you to do so to protect the financial value of your house.

If you want more information about our Householders Policy, call us on 249 5000, send an email to or visit our website.

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