Study in peace with the Student Travel Insurance

One of the many reasons students have a hard time studying abroad is the uncertainty of what to do when something unexpected happens.

The unexpected can be as minor as a lost document or as serious as a road accident. What does the student do when the unexpected happens?

Most students will contact the support service at their university for guidance and assistance. In many cases, the university will already be equipped to deal with the concerns raised, such as a lapsed visa. 

In some cases, students will reach out to their parents when their universities are unable to assist. This can be in cases of emergency return home due to illness, a death in the family or a civil unrest in the country of study.

In many cases, however, the student’s family are unable to assist either due to financial reasons or simply a case of unfortunate timing. Example, a sudden road accident causing severe injuries might lead to death if the injured does not have insurance as hospitals may refuse to treat uninsured patients.

The Student Travel Insurance covers all possible scenarios a student could face while studying abroad:

– lost passport and IDs

– lost or delayed luggage

– emergency return home due to illness or death in the family

– medical care, including hospitalisation + COVID19

– emergency dental care

– repatriation of mortal remains

– travel of immediate family member to stay with hospitalised student

– 24hour personal assistance

– Plus many more…

For more information on the Student Travel Insurance call us on 4295000, send an email to or visit our website.

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