Take part in the Sacos Christmas Lottery – SCR10,000 Star Prize

The Sacos Christmas Lottery is here once more and we have 10 cash prizes for you, along with the SCR10,000 star prize.

What prizes are in the lottery?

The Star Prize is SCR10,000 and there are 10 additional cash prizes of SCR3,000.

Who can participate?

Any policyholder with a personal life insurance with Sacos can participate in the grand lottery. Policyholders of Funeral Insurance Plan and Credit/Mortgage Insurance are not eligible to participate.

How to participate?

If you purchase your life insurance between 17 October and 17 December you will be automatically entered into the draw. Policyholders who purchased their insurance prior to 17 October are also eligible to participate.

When is the draw taken?

The draw will be taken on 22 December. Winners will be announced on Facebook and will be contacted directly by Sacos.*

*We will not ask you for your banking details over the phone or by email.


Interval and regular survival benefits payment

Want to receive your survival benefits at regular intervals? These policies are just the right fit for you:

  • Sacos Exclusive Plan – payment every 3 years
  • Sacos Special Plan – 25% payment every one fifth of the term
  • Special Endowment Plan – 15% payment every 5 years

Click here to learn more about our other life insurance policies and/or to request a quote online.

Our life insurance products are affordable and provide you and your loved ones with financial security.

For more information on the lottery and our life insurance policies, call us on 429 5000, send an email to life@sacos.sc or visit our website.

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