Tips on how to convince a loved one to purchase life insurance

Are you worried that your loved ones are not sufficiently prepared or protected? Convince them to purchase life insurance!

What should you say to them?

You should tell them the truth:

Life insurance provides financial coverage for loved ones after you pass away

They may be worrying about how they will provide for the people who depend on them. Life insurance can take care of these concerns by supplementing their income, help cover medical debts as well as other expenses they may incur along the way.

It can help them out of debts

If they have any mortgage, or credit card debt that may or may not be discharged upon death, life insurance benefit can repay debts and ease the financial burden survivors face.

Prepare for End of Life Expenses

A seldom talked about topic but people need to start planning their own funeral! As you start planning you will realise how great the cost is; talk with your loved one about the advantages of covering this expense with a life insurance policy.

Emphasize the Benefits of Buying Young

The younger you are when you start, the lower your premium will be! This is because life insurance premiums are typically tied to a person’s age and health. Bonus: their whole life insurance policy will have more time to grow in value the longer they own it. Stress that life insurance is a valuable asset, because lets face it:  it is!

By using these tips, you can hopefully convince your loved one to purchase this valuable coverage for their peace of mind, and yours.

If they do it between now to 31st March, they will automatically be entered into our draw that will be taken in April 2019.

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