Insurance 101 – Why insurance matters?

We all work hard for the things we have. And once we have it, one of our priorities becomes security. Protecting the things that we value- our cars, our homes, our lives. Things happen everyday that is beyond our control, and insurance is simply a means of being protected from financial impacts derived from risks. Whether or not we are aware of it, we face these risks every day; an accidental fire, travel mishaps, car accidents, thefts. Imagine for a second what it would cost to be the victim of one of these incidents. Now, imagine the costs of these losses being greatly mitigated. This is insurance.

Photo 1.png

Of course, insurance can’t actually stop anything from happening to you or your property, but being insured means that in the event of something unexpected happening you will not have to bear the full costs. You can view this as an investment; being covered by your policy means you do not need to dip into your savings as much, or be put in a position where you have to ask for financial help from friends and family, and/ or incurring debts.

For more information on which insurance policy best suits your lifestyle and assets, contact us today.



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