What is in your motor insurance policy?


It is always wise to read your policy every now and then to check if it meets your needs. Your insurance policy may have a lot of gems that you did not know about when you took it, and it would prove to be useful in the unfortunate event you need it.

If you have a comprehensive cover, then you have a lot of options at your behest. Your policy will cover you in events of fire, accidental explosion, burglary, theft, break-ins, accidental collision and so on. This covers not only damage you caused to someone’s car but damage you caused to your car.

But did you know, that your policy also includes damage to other types of properties? If you hit someone’s wall or house, your policy will cover the damage. You will also be provided with legal representative if you need it.

To top it off, you have additional options available to you that you can add onto your policy. These are loss of use (yes, we provide you with a temporary car, if yours cannot be used), personal accident (did you suffer an injury? we will compensate you for that, too) and windscreen cover (any sensible person will get this!)

If you require an update to your insurance, do not wait until 28th August to do so – do it now!

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