Accidents are like those annoying people….


The ones we try to avoid running into at all costs. You know the kind that has you dodging behind shelves or doing a U-turn just so you won’t run into them? Sometimes though, they catch you off-guard and they simply can’t be avoided.
Well, accidents are like that. They are unpredictable and inevitable, and can happen to just about anyone.

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Safety tips: Top preventive measures against fire

Top-6-Ways-to-Prevent-a-House-Fire-1In the first quarter of last year alone, an approximate SCR9,220,250 worth of damage was caused by 122 fire cases the Seychelles’ Fire and Rescue Services Agency attended to, most of which ignited from fuse boxes, faulty electrical wires in ceilings, washing machines and in the kitchen, with quite a number of electrical incidents and fires started by saucepans in the kitchen. That said, there are some ways that you can help prevent such incidents from occurring.

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