Accidents are like those annoying people….


The ones we try to avoid running into at all costs. You know the kind that has you dodging behind shelves or doing a U-turn just so you won’t run into them? Sometimes though, they catch you off-guard and they simply can’t be avoided.
Well, accidents are like that. They are unpredictable and inevitable, and can happen to just about anyone.

The disheartening fact is – even in the wake of taking all the necessary precautions most accidents can’t be avoided. In this respect, it becomes imperative that you secure yourself well in advance. After all, who is to know when disaster will strike? All options considered, a personal accident insurance plan is your only protector.

Simply put a personal accident plan covers an insured and his family in the event of an accident that causes; injury, total or partial disability or death. Understandably premium rates will vary according to occupation, but policy holders can choose from occupational or twenty-four hour basis. Compensation is based on a scale, which is determined by the degree of the injury.

Personal accident plans are a way of not only protecting yourself, but your family. And at the end of the day, isn’t this what everyone wants to do?

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