Fire Sprinkler system – can it save your house?

Fire Sprinkler system

Two weeks ago we recommended the in-house sprinkler system as one of the ways to keep your house safe from fire. We got a few queries on this, so we thought we should share more information on this sprinkler system.

What is a fire sprinkler system?

Essentially it is a network of pipes that holds water under pressure, running through the ceiling of a building. The majority of fire sprinkler systems are triggered by extreme heat, although some can sometimes be accompanied by smoke detectors.

Why would you need one?

Imagine a fire starts in a room of your house. You’ve placed an emergency call and now all you can do is wait for emergency services to arrive. Meanwhile, the fire spreads from one room to room, eventually engulfing your entire house and destroying more of your household contents.

With an in-house fire sprinkler, the chances for minimising the damage are greater. The sprinkler detects heat from the fire and douses out the flames. The sprinkler is triggered only in the area where there is fire, therefore decreasing the risk of damage to your contents in other parts of the house. In this way, it is an additional layer of protection.

Important advice:

You should still call emergency services even if you have an in-house sprinkler system. You should also still adopt other preventative measures to minimise the risk of fire such as a smoke detector. Most importantly, you will still need a householders insurance or a fire insurance as you will likely still see some damage in the room the fire broke out.

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