Windscreen cover – get more out of your insurance!


Cracked windshields happen more often than you think. This is why most insurance companies have a separate cover just for windshields under the motor insurance policy.

How do you go about this? Simple, just include the windscreen cover in your policy and avoid the unwanted costs from regular incidents!

We’ve heard it all too many times before; a stray pebble from a grass cutter hit your windscreen while you were driving and now you have a chip! Who is going to pay for it?

Think about how that small chip, with rain and sun, eventually turn into a large splinter and before you know it you’re driving with a spider web crack! Imagine the cost of having a windshield replaced.

Sounds good! But what if something other than my windscreen gets damaged?

We’ll probably cover that, too! Despite its name, windscreen cover isn’t solely for windscreens; it covers your windows and sunroofs as well. Whether repairs or replacement, your policy has you covered so you can recoup the cost of these damages. Convinced? Talk to us about adding a windscreen cover to your policy!

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