5 Tips on how to protect your finances

how to protect your finances

The future brings about plenty of uncertainties, but financial safeguards can ensure that you are able to weather a storm if disaster should strike. Here we share our five top tips that may help you maintain a solid financial footing.

1. Pay off your debts.

We know that people tend to push off on repaying their debts as other expenses take priority. Do try to make debt reduction one of your top priorities, especially those that have high interest rates.

2. Look for ways to downsize.

Consider selling possessions that are still in good condition but you do not use; such as that exercise bike you’ve been promising yourself to use for over a year now —and save the money.

3. Try to live on one salary and save one.

It may sound impossible, but if you and your partner live together and are both employed, you essentially have a combined income and the same expenses. Strive to live on just one income and store part or all of the rest in savings into accounts that are accessible in case of emergencies.

4. Say yes to opportunities!

Do not pass up the prospects that will allow you to enrich your salary potential. This means learning new skills, take on different or added responsibilities and even starting a small part-time business on the side. Excelling at what you do may help make you invaluable to your company, or give you more options should you ever decide to make a career change.

5. Don’t let insurance lapse.

Always keep your insurances, be it your home, disability, life and or car insurance coverage up to date. If something happens to you in a moment of financial vulnerability, you will need that protection.

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