Crucial things you need to know about insurance


When you pay for insurance, you also pray that you will never need to cash in. What does it mean to cash in? It means that something bad has happened to you and now you need the protection of your policy to help you get through this hardship. Was it a car accident? Did your house burn down? Did someone pass away? Whatever it was, when you call for a claim we know that something terrible just happened to you. So here is what you need to know about insurance:

Insurance will protect your finances
Insurance protects your finances when something bad happens. Your house burnt down, you got into a car accident, you injured someone, or you injured yourself? This is essentially what insurance is about. You do not have to pay for expenses out of your pocket, especially if you don’t have liquid cash on you at the moment that the incident happened. Insurance will repair your burnt house, fix your damaged car, pay the person you injured and pay you for injuries you sustained. Insurance will see to it that you do not have to pick through your life savings to cover for excessive bills. Your insurance will do that for you.

A protection of your assets
For everything that you bought to place in your house, you made an investment. Your first car was an investment. Your business is an investment. All these things are worth real money. There is no reason that you should let real money go down the drain when something bad happens. You can protect that money and entrust us to protect it for you. Insurance is the layer of protection between you and your assets. The annual premium you pay is nothing compared to what you will pay if something happens to the most important assets you possess. Insurance is a protection of your wealth. You don’t buy a boat and then leave it to chance. You buy a boat and you protect your boat.

Protect yourself
You should ensure that the insurance you have protects you as much as the next person. Do you have a motor comprehensive insurance? Yes. Well add the personal accident option with it. In the event you are also injured in an accident, the personal accident cover is what will provide you with compensation for the injuries you sustained. Get a life assurance plan while you’re at it. Invest in yourself for the long run. When you retire, you know that you will not only have a pension and social security benefits, but also an insurance package to go with it. This way you can live a comfortable, modest or luxurious retirement. There is nothing worse than being broke at 60 after decades of a prospective career.

A protection of your health and longevity of your life
Health services are free in Seychelles but it can be a hassle when you find yourself needing overseas treatment. If you fall sick and you need overseas treatment, you cannot always rely on the government to chip in for you. It’s not that the government will not help, it’s because the waiting list can be long. You do not have to wait so long for an urgent treatment you need. What if something happens to you when you are travelling overseas? A travel insurance will take care of your medical bills. The government will not be able to pay for your medical bills when you fall ill overseas or if you got into an accident. Worse case scenario, the hospital will not even treat you if you cannot prove that you have insurance. You do not have to juggle the risk between financial ruin and urgent medical care. Make your life easy and safer and have both.

These are the four most essential things you need to know about insurance. If you’re only just starting your career, keep these tips in mind and do not hesitate to call our office to learn more. The sooner you start on an insurance package, the better it is for you in the long run.

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