Tips on preventing home break-ins

simple tips to keep your home safe and secure smart armor tech Preventing Patio Door Break Ins

Having your home broken into and burgled is probably one of a homeowner’s most worst nightmares. Not only are your hard earned valuables taken, but a break- in also robs you of your sense of security. Here we share some tips on proactive measures you can take to discourage your home from becoming a target.

Install a home alarm system
Homes with visible cameras may be less likely to be targeted than those without. However, this is not a full-proof deterrent. You should also consider getting an alarm system. There are now new technologies available to alert you the moment someone steps into your house. You will be able to get instant warning even if you are away from home. Sensory lights outside the house can also help deter would-be thieves. You can contact a security company for more advice on safety tips.

Keep valuables in a locked and secured safe
Most thieves tend to go straight to the main or master bedroom. Keeping your valuables in a safe that is secured to a wall or bolted to the floor can help ensure that the thieves leave empty handed – or at least without your more expensive or valuable possessions.

Leave the radio on when you are away
Noise coming from inside the house can trick burglars into thinking someone is home, therefore less likely to be a target.

Invest in strong exterior doors
Solid wood or metal provides stronger protection against break-ins. Burglars tend to look for houses that are easier to get into; having strong exterior doors can help deter break-ins. Also having burglar’s bars around your windows can reduce the likelihood of a break-in.

Be smart about your social media posts
Your home is more likely to become a target if thieves know the house is going to be left unattended. You may want to keep certain details to yourself before or during your vacation away from home. You should also consider which photos you share on social media, in case you may give away too many details about the security and contents of your house.

Of course, there is no sure fire way to prevent burglaries and despite your best efforts you may, unfortunately, become the victim of a theft. We strongly recommend getting a home insurance coverage to cover the value of your assets.

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