Why you need these gadgets for your car!


Gadgets are cool and modern, but they also have quite important functional roles to play in keeping you safe on the road and preserving the condition of your car. These cool gadgets below are must-haves and here are the reasons why:

Hands-free device
Talking and texting while driving is extremely dangerous and very illegal. Sure you might be afraid not to answer the phone when the missus is calling, but there are smarter ways to take a call while driving. With the hands-free device, your phone is securely placed on a holder and your calls are connected to a Bluetooth headset.  In this way, for your own and other users’ safety, you can keep your eyes on the road at all times.

Accidents can happen at any time on the road and many drivers rarely admit their own role in causing them to happen. Having a dashcam allows you to cover your bases when someone bumps into you. A good quality camera will capture license plates in case there is a hit and run. A dashcam with WIFI functions allows you to view the footage on your smartphone. That way, you do not have to remove your SD card or dashcam to view footage of accidents. Additional benefit include deterring would-be vandals from maliciously damaging your car.

Rear-view camera
Ever had trouble getting out of a tight spot or getting into a tight parking? The rear-view (or backup) camera allows you to safely park your car by preventing back-up collision. Some cars already come with this factory setting, but if your car is not one of those a wireless rear-view camera will help you with your rear blind spot. A wireless camera kit will connect your camera, mounted at the back of your vehicle, with the monitor on your dashboard. Some camera also has night vision mode for late-night parking.

Portable self-powered jump starter
If you’ve ever left the lights on all night, you will know that without a jump start, you might not be going anywhere soon. Some people have jump starter cables ready for use, but if there is no other car around, it is as useless as not having any. A portable self-powered jump starter will get your battery kicking in no time. Additional benefits include phone charger, LED lights and digital voltmeter.

Tire pressure monitoring system
Every driver knows that tire pressure is important for braking, but it also helps car handling, fuel economy and longevity of your tires. Many drivers though rarely pay enough attention to their tires until it is almost completely deflated or burst. The tire pressure monitoring system will alert you when your tire pressure is getting dangerously low. This device will keep you safe on the road while driving.

Car air purifier
The car air purifier ionises the air in your car, removing foul or stale smell and even helping to eliminate bacteria. If you just ate in your car or had a smoke, getting rid of the smell should be your top concern. This ensures that the inside of your car remains in pristine condition and it makes breathing easier. It goes without saying that a fresh smelling ride does wonders to your mood and will help you relax, inevitably minimising road rage.

These gadgets are just but a few options to help you be safer on the road, they are by no means the only way you can keep safe. Number one importance is to drive safely and do not drive under the influence.

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