FIFA World Cup 2018: Who will make it to Round of 16?


With the second matches of the group stage wrapping up, a few teams sealed their progression into the next round. For those having had a shaky start though, they still have one more chance before elimination dooms their world cup bid.

Who has made it through?

From Group A, it is both Russia and Uruguay; Group C, it’s France; Croatia from Group D; and, both England and Belgium from Group G. Belgium and England will soon face off in a real show of strength with both teams having had good starts. England has scored the most, yet Belgium has the more experienced team. England vs Belgium – who do you predict will win this one? 

Who has a fighting chance?

Both Portugal and Spain in Group B has a great chance to make it through as they face off Iran and Morocco, respectively. In Group C, it will be a fight between Denmark and Australia and it may likely end up to goal difference. Denmark can nonetheless hold France off in a draw and automatically make it through even if Australia wins.

The game is wide open in Group D between Argentina, Nigeria and Iceland. Argentina still has a fighting chance, but they have to beat Nigeria and if Croatia beats Iceland, they can secure a second place position. Can Argentina make it through to the next round?

It is still anybody’s game between Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia in Group E. Do you think Brazil will beat Serbia? Switzerland has an easier win over Costa Rica as they’ve lost both of their previous marches.

Also anybody’s game? Mexico, Sweden and Germany in Group F. All Mexico has to do is draw with Sweden to make it to the next round. If it loses than it’s all down to goal difference. Will Germany make it after their weak start?

Who is going home?

Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Mo Salah as Egypt bows out of this world cup tournament. Other unsuccessful teams include Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Peru, Costa Rica, South Korea, Tunisia and Panama. They will not be alone, as more will join them this week.

Has your team made it through? Does your team still has a chance to make it? Who will go next? Let us know in the comments section.

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