Insure your business against fire and other perils


As much as we promote fire insurance for homeowners, it is crucial that business owners buy into coverage against perils such as fire, storms and floods for their enterprise.

The damage to a business resulting from such incidents can cost up to millions in terms of repairs, earnings lost and replacements. Many companies and business owners may face quite a hurdle to recover and rebuild after suffering from such heavy losses. The aftermath could also see impacts on the economy and families of workers affected, if the company is unable to continue with its operations in a short delay of time.

Fire and Special Perils
The Fire and Special Perils policy provides your business with coverage against fire, storms and floods. In the event of the above, if you have also taken covers for your content,your insurance will pay out for the contents insured too.

Coverage against other Perils
We offer a range of specialised covers to ensure that your business operations is well-protected against various other perils.

Below are the different covers available for your business:

  • Burglary: To cover loss or damage following forcible entry or exit of the premises.
  • Cash Policy: This covers against loss of cash in the company safe or in transit resulting from burglary and theft.
  • Custom Bonds: To guarantee the payment of import duties and taxes on goods in bonded warehouses.
  • Loss of profits: To cover the loss of income that a business suffers ensuing from an insured disaster.
  • Fidelity Guarantee: To cover your business against losses experienced, following acts of fraud or theft by your employees.
  • Plate Glass: To cover accidental loss of or damage to fixed plate glass.

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