What does Emergency Medical Assistance cover under the Travel Insurance Policy?

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What does Emergency Medical Assistance cover under the Travel Insurance Policy?

For those who have experienced it, falling sick overseas is one of the worst things that can happen to a traveller. These can include language barriers with medical professionals, lonesome with no family or friends around and anxiety, but even worse – lack of insurance coverage!

Those who knows will tell you what a medical bill for a foreigner is like. In Seychelles, we have the luxury not to have to deal with the medical cost behind our treatment, but this disappears the moment you travel without insurance.

Here is what is covered under the Emergency Medical Assistance with your travel insurance policy:

Medical expenses and hospitalisation abroad

This covers the cost of your treatment if you fall sick during your overseas travel (exclude pre-existing illness). There are different coverage plans depending on your area of travel or for more comfort, you may take the ‘Worldwide’ plan which provides you with coverage in any country you visit, with the exception of Seychelles. The coverage limit on the Worldwide plan is EUR100,000 meaning that we will cover your medical expenses up to that EUR100,000. The other plans include ‘Africa/Asia’ – USD15,000, ‘Europe Basic’ – EUR30,000 and ‘Europe Plus’ – EUR80,000. The ‘Africa/Asia’ and ‘Worldwide’ plan levies an excess of USD50 for outpatient treatment, whereas the Europe Basic and Europe Plus plan levies an excess of EUR50.

Emergency medical evacuation in case of an illness or accident

There may come a point where you will likely need to be evacuated for broader or more extensive treatment. In the event of such a need, your travel insurance policy will cover the costs of your evacuation, which would include airfares and other associated costs. All the plans will cover the real expenses associated to the evacuation, with the exception for the ‘Worldwide’ plan which cover the expenses up to a limit of USD35,000.

Emergency dental care

Unfortunately it has happened that travellers’ dental conditions worsen during their overseas trip. Instead of enduring the pain until your return, however long your trip is, the emergency dental care will cover dental treatment up to a limit. Keep in mind that this does not cover the cost of cosmetic treatment and pre-existing conditions.

Repatriation of mortal remains

Sadly, for whatever reason, some travellers come upon their untimely death while on overseas travel. It is usually left for your parents or family to bear the burden of the cost of bringing your body back home, as quickly as possible. This burden may be too huge for most families to bear because on top of that, they have to make arrangements for your funeral service back home. It would minimise the financial burden off your family if you could provide for such an eventuality.

Emergency return home following death of a close family member

The death of a close family member when travelling is actually quite a common occurrence. Unfortunately, many people struggle to cover the cost associated with returning home especially if alternative travel means have to be made, having already spent a substantial amount on the overseas travel for accommodation, airfares and other expenses. With a travel insurance policy, this cost will be covered under your plan and for the same class ticket you initially booked.

Compassionate Emergency Visit

Indeed falling sick overseas can be lonesome and having a family with you can help you in dealing with the anxiety and depression from your illness. Your travel insurance policy allows one of your family to accompany you during your hospitalisation. The policy will cover the cost of airfares, accommodation and a subsistence allowance for a maximum of 10 days for the visiting family, conditions apply.

Do not waste any more time!. For more information on our travel insurance, contact us on 429 5000 or send an email to info@sacos.sc.

One thought on “What does Emergency Medical Assistance cover under the Travel Insurance Policy?

  1. Me and my family always take travel insurance whenever we travel. Though nothing bad has happened, you never know what can happen at anytime. Always be prepared for your own safety and security.
    It is advisable to be safe than sorry.


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