What to do during a ‘hit and run’ accident?

When you operate a vehicle, you should be prepared to expect the unexpected. Kids darting across the road without looking, a bus swerving towards your lane in a bend and the sometimes inevitable – hit and run careless driver.

What to do as a victim of a hit and run accident

Being the victim of a hit and run can add to the stress of being in an accident; the shock can slow down your reaction and you may not know what to do under the circumstance. If you ever find yourself in this situation , here are things you need to remember to do.

  1. Note down as much information as you can

Record as much information as you can to relay to the police. This information can help the police to locate the other driver and ensure you don’t get stuck paying for damages. Quickly take note of the following:

  • License plate number
  • Make, model and colour of the car
  • Time and location of accident
  • Contact information of potential witnesses
  • Direction the driver was heading
  • Pictures of the scene and damage to your car

2. Report the Incident to Police

Call or head to the nearest police station as soon as possible and file an accident report. You will be asked to give a statement. Share all the information you took note of.

3. Contact Your Insurance Company

Alert your insurance company of the accident and bring a copy of the police report and your statement so that they may begin the claims process. If you have been lucky and can identify the driver that hit you and they’re insured, their insurance policy will cover the cost of damage to your car.

What should you do if you hit someone’s car?

Don’t run. Stop and assess the damage you may have caused. Check to see if the person requires medical assistance. Call emergency or police assistance, if the circumstance requires. If it is a minor incident, offer your insurance details and accept liability for the damage you caused.

Remember, operating an uninsured vehicle on the road is illegal. If you get into an accident, you will have to incur the full cost of damage to your vehicle and damage caused to third parties.

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