Health: Swaps to try out in 2019

One of the most common New Year resolutions is to lose weight, or at the very least be more food conscious. We all know how hard it is to give up on the things that we love to eat! But improving your health does not necessarily mean giving things up: it could be as simple as a few tiny tweaks to your diet! Here are a few alternative to consider swapping for next time you’re about to cook, or are out grocery shopping:

  1. Sugary drinks for diet or sugar-free options

You’d be surprised by how much sugar you could cut from yours and your family’s diet by simply opting to go for diet, low calorie or no added sugar versions of sodas and juice. Swap full cream to low-fat milk. Or better yet, choose water!

  1. Olive oil over butter & margarine

Swapping to olive oil can help lower your family’s fat consumption and lower cholesterol. Remember, not all fat is bad fat!

  1. Swap white bread for rye or wholemeal

The high fibre content in wholemeal, rye or seeded bread makes it much better for your health than white bread. Additionally, the way wholemeal or rye breads are digested also means that the sugar, which turns into energy, is released into the bloodstream much more slowly than in white bread. Same goes for pasta! Where possible, swap white pasta for wheat.

  1. Rice

Same with bread, brown rice is better for you because it has more fibre than white. If you’re able to, swap rice out altogether with steamed vegetables. Cauliflower rice is the new ‘rice’ right now for reducing calorie intake and upping your veg count.

  1. Swap sugary cereal for plain cereal

You’ve no doubt heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It ensures you have enough energy to get through to lunchtime without reaching for unhealthy snacks. If cereal is your go to breakfast, instead of going for the sugary laden ones, opt for whole-wheat cereal biscuits or plain shredded whole grain, like Weetabix, cheerios or oatmeal.

  1. Steam not fried

Where possible, steam your food instead of frying. Even boiling is a better alternative.

Small changes can add up to a big diet makeover, whilst still enjoying the things that makes your taste buds tingle. How about you? Are you trying to be healthier this year? What simple swaps will you be making?

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