5 ways to reduce plastic consumption

Did you know that plastics are very likely to outlive humanity?

In recent years, people have started cutting down on plastic consumption, as we have started to realise the effects plastic can have on the environment and our oceans.

Although plastic is a useful product, many of these products are created for single-use, after which they are thrown away and improperly disposed of. Not only is this harmful to the environment and the oceans, but it is also harmful to wildlife.

As we become more conscious of how our actions can have an impact, check out these 5 simple ways that you can do your part to use less plastic:

  1. Fill your own water bottle

Bottled water is one of the most common single-use plastics around, but they’re completely unnecessary. Save yourself money and reduce your plastic consumption by purchasing a water bottle that you can fill up and take with you anywhere.

  1. Use your own utensils

Not everyone has the time to plan meals ahead of time, and find that take-aways are more convenient. However, you will notice that most take-away outlets regularly serve you with disposable plastic cutlery. Keep a set of reusable knives and forks on your person or at the office when heading to lunch, and you’ll have no need to take them! You may also consider bringing your own food container or better yet pack your own lunch.

  1. Bring your own bag

Plastic bags have been under the spotlight for a good few years now. Seychelles has implemented a ban, so you’re probably used to taking your own bags to the supermarket already. Remember to leave one in your bag or car, just in case you forget.

  1. Say No to Straws

 Believe it or not straws are one of the ultimate wastes of plastic, hence why so many establishments have taken the initiative to switch to paper or pasta ones instead. Always ask for your drink without a straw, but if you enjoy drinking through a straw then you can always carry your own. There are reusable ones made out of metal, glass, or even bamboo!

  1. Find alternatives!

Switch to products that do not use plastic packaging where you can. For example, instead of buying shower gel, buy soap! Not only will you use less plastic, but it will last you longer and save you money!

There are plenty of little changes that you can personally make in order to reduce plastic consumption. Have any tips to add to the list? Drop it in the comments section!

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