Sacos offers Travel Insurance protection for students going on overseas training!

Tania_student travelDid you know that it is compulsory to buy travel insurance for students who are travelling to the USA or any other Schengen visa universities? Even if your child is studying in a country where travel insurance is not mandatory, you want them to have the maximum security available, and that’s where Sacos insurance Group comes in!

At Sacos, we understand the need to prepare for the unexpected: this ranges from anything between hospitalisation, emergency evacuation to even the little details such as loss of your passport.

The truth is, the benefit of having travel insurance is so widely understated that a lot of people simply do not understand its benefits. Let’s break it down for you.

Here are a few benefits you must know about student travel insurance:

Medical cover

As an international student you will most likely be required to pay for any medical attention, and medical services in a foreign country can be  really very expensive. Your Student Travel Insurance Plan is liable to pay for your medical expenses/ hospitalisation with limits up to either USD60,000 or USD100,000. It also covers up to USD400 of emergency dental care as well as emergency evacuation.

Loss of baggage
As a traveller, you know that mishaps happen and there is always the possibility of losing luggage that may contain important documents, such as your passport and license. If your child has the misfortune of losing his luggage, his insurance plan will provide adequate cover and proper support.

Accidents, Medical Emergency or Death
In the event of an accident, the Student Travel Insurance policy provides up to USD10,000 for personal accident cover! Should your child fall sick and is hospitalised for more than five days, this policy provides cover for the travel of one immediate family member to be by their side. In the unfortunate event of the passing of a close relative, the policy will cover the fare for your child’s emergency return home.

Legal help
If your child gets into legal trouble whilst studying overseas, his policy will provide cover against personal civil liability, as well as the cost for legal defense.

The Student Travel Insurance Plan covers a minimum of three months up to one year, and is renewable on a yearly basis. Our policy provides 24 hour personal assistance services.

As parents, you always want to know that your child is adequately protected. Let us provide both you and your child with peace of mind; call us on 429 5000 or visit our website at where you can also request a quote or send an email to and an officer will get back to you.

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