Jet ski safety

Anyone who’s ever been on a jet ski will tell you that the exhilaration is second to none, and no doubt a great way to spend an afternoon. But did you know that according to the BoatUS Foundation, they are more hazardous to operate than other watercraft?!

They also make up around 26 percent of accidents!

With that said, here are a few things to consider before you take your jet ski out for a spin:

Have appropriate jet ski equipment on board

A Coast Guard-approved fire extinguisher,  a signalling device (i.e. whistle or horn).

Even if you are a good swimmer, make sure the driver and all passengers are wearing flotation devices such as a life vests. The person operating the Jet Ski should wear a cord or lanyard around their wrist which is attached to the key in the ignition to prevent the engine staying on in the event of a fall.

Drive defensively

No, we don’t mean aggressively! As tempting as it may be to ride in a passing boat’s wake, avoid doing so as it’s easy to lose control; the Jet Ski land awkwardly even upside down, causing serious injury.

Fun fact: It can take a jet skis up to 300 feet to stop when driving at full speed.

Stay within the limit

You may want to bring your friends for a ride, but you should  never carry more passengers than your jet ski allows. Remember that all passengers, even the little ones, need to sit behind the driver.

Exercise caution and common sense

Always be alert to other jet skis, boats and swimmers.

Be smart: don’t loan your jet ski to an unqualified driver. Accidents cannot be predicted, but they are more likely to happen when the operator has no experience with controlling such a high-powered vessel.

With these in mind, there’s no reason why you can’t have an enjoyable time whilst being safe!

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