Holiday Home Safety: Precautionary measures

As much as we’d hate to be the Ebenezer Scrooge here, the truth is something almost always goes wrong over the festive seasons; For many homeowners, holiday season is crime season.It’s that time of year when the majority of us are busy, distracted, or traveling away from home. We often find that it is around the same time that there is an increase in road accidents and increase in drinking related incidents! So in spite of  all of the decorations, shopping, parties, and fun coming up with the holiday season, it’s also important to keep safe while also having fun.

Here’s what we recommend:

Don’t overshare on social media! As much as you would love to share your good fortune, be wary about how much you post on public social media pages. Don’t post that big flat screen TV you gifted yourself to give thieves an idea of what to shop for in your home, and if you’re off on holiday, try to limit your posts, too.  You do not want thieves working out that you’re not at home and strike when you’re away!

If you are planning to go out of town during the holiday season, be sure to notify a trusted neighbour so that they may keep an eye out on your home.

Keep valuables in a locked and secured safe
Most thieves tend to go straight to the main or master bedroom. Keeping your valuables in a safe that is secured to a wall or bolted to the floor can help ensure that the thieves leave empty handed – or at least without your more expensive or valuable possessions.

Install a home alarm system
Homes with visible cameras may be less likely to be targeted than those without. However, this is not a full-proof deterrent. You should also consider getting an alarm system. There are now new technologies available to alert you the moment someone steps into your house. You will be able to get instant warning even if you are away from home. Sensory lights outside the house can also help deter would-be thieves. You can contact a security company for more advice on safety tips.

Be careful with lights, candles & electrical appliances

Burglars aren’t the only threat to keeping your home safe over the Christmas period: the risk of fire goes up when your home is full of Christmas lights and candles. When you get your Christmas decorations out each year, check the lights for any frayed ends or cracks that could indicate that they’re not safe. Never leave candles burning unattended. And before you head off to your end of year party, don’t forget to double check that you’ve turned your straightener/curler and iron off!

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