Is Insurance part of your New year’s resolution?

Happy New Year!

As we reflect back on 2019, its worth remembering what we are most grateful for. For us at Sacos, it’s our family, our friends, our jobs, our health. Chances are your answer is also similar, which is why this year you should consider allowing us to help you protect the things that matter to you the most.

The truth is insurance isn’t a luxury, it’s actually quite affordable and the ramifications of going without quite often outweigh your premium.

Ask yourself this question; if the answer is no then fair enough. But, is there anyone that relies on your income? This can be a spouse or a child, or a close relative. We’re willing to bet that you want to ensure that the loved ones you leave behind aren’t left out of pocket. What insurance product would be suited to your needs? Life insurance!

You suddenly fall ill and require overseas treatment; your health insurance will have you covered!

You are robbed whilst on holiday; Sacos’ Travel Insurance has got your back!

We have a whole range of insurance products that are tailored to your needs. Make 2020 the year you have all your bases covered: Call us on 429 5000 or send an email to and an officer will be more than happy to provide you with more information!

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