Yes, you absolutely need travel insurance

Travel sacos

We’re often shocked when some travellers say they don’t travel with insurance. Travel insurance is, in our eyes, as essential to travel as buying a plane ticket, accommodation or renting a travel car. Honestly, if you think you can save money by not getting a travel insurance then you are playing Russian roulette with your health and financial future.

Let’s have a refresher of what travel insurance is: financial security!

Despite only wanting to think of the positive, the truth is many things can happen while you are travelling. Travel insurance will provide you with medical coverage if you get sick or injured on your journey, reimburse you if your flight gets canceled, or if tragically a family member dies and you need to go home. It’s vital protection against the emergencies that no one can predict and can often come at a great cost.

And here’s the thing, in some countries hospitals can refuse to treat you if you can’t show them a valid travel insurance! So take the worry out of your vacation by purchasing your travel insurance prior to your trip.

We’re more than happy to help your sort everything out! Simply call us on 429 5000 or send an email to and an officer will get back to you!

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