The importance of staying home during this pandemic

Seychelles has been fortunate thus far to have covid-19 related death; consequently a lot of people are underestimating the seriousness of the pandemic, and do not understand the role their staying home has on flattening the curve.

Here is why you should stay home:

It is estimated that a person that has covid-19 is likely to transmit the virus to approximately 10 other people. Each of those 10 persons will then go on to transmit to another 10 people, and so the chain goes on and ensures a rapid, continuous spread of the virus.

By staying home, you are helping to break the chain of transmission. This is two-fold: With every contact the Department of Health is able to account for, chain of transmission is broken and Seychelles can stay ahead of the spread of the virus. However if any link is missed and an infected individual remains out and about, and in the process is also infecting others, that chain will grow and grow until we’re faced with an epidemic of Coronavirus of our own.

By slowing down the rate of transmission, pressure is relieved off of our health care system.

Staying home makes all the difference between people living, and people dying. 

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