Sacos Rewards its Agents and Brokers for their high performance for the 2019 Life Agency Contest

Monday 18th May 2020

Every year, Sacos rewards its best agents and brokers for their hard work and commitment, not only in assisting the company to achieve its growth target but also in their outstanding effort to increase the number of individuals with financial protection for themselves, their assets and their families especially in the event of death or disability. The award also recognizes the agents and brokers for their pivotal roles in helping our customers to achieve financial security through our various saving schemes. Your dedication and devotion to your customers and to Sacos success is very much appreciated! Congratulations to all winners.

The Winners of our 2019 “The Race” are:

Agents Winners 2019_PhotosCustomers can contact our agents and brokers for more information on how they can secure and protect their future. Visit for their contact details.

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For more information, please contact:
Brigitte Appoo
Head of Sales & Marketing
Sacos Insurance Group
T 429 5000

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