Sacos Motor Win Back Promotion: June Star prize winner gets SR23,871 of premium back

Monday, 20 July 2020

Sacos is keeping the momentum going with its win back Motor Full Comprehensive promotion which rewards one customer every month with up to SCR30,000 of their annual premium.

In a small ceremony held on 16th July 2020, in the presence of the CEO of Sacos, the 6th winner of the Motor Fully Comprehensive Win Back Promotion for the year 2020 received his star prize.

Mr Morel who is the star prize winner for the month of June had this to say as he recounted his experience with the company “I have been a customer of Sacos for over 30 years! All my insurances are with Sacos, both personal and for business. So far I’m very happy with the service” Mr. Morel added that he once lost a shop to a fire and the claim was handled very well by the company.

Our other winners, were once more pleasantly surprised and happy to receive their prize. Mr. Lawson, upon collecting his prize said, “Wow, I’ve never won anything before, having been with the company for 7 years makes it worthwhile.” Ms. Dingwall was equally happy and said that she had seen the adverts for the promotion but it never crossed her mind that she would win something.

“We are happy that we can bring smiles to our customers, especially in this difficult and trying year,” says Ms. Jennifer Morel, Chief Executive Officer of Sacos. “ There’s 6 more months to go and I wish all our motor policyholders who haven’t won so far good luck and encourages others to take their motor insurance with Sacos.”

Our next draw will take place in the first week of August and again all existing and new private comprehensive and Taxi operators who have a full comprehensive cover with us will enter the draw and one lucky winner will win-back their annual insurance premium, of up to SCR30,000.

Hurry, ensure you buy your new insurance or renew your insurance before the next draw and you can be the winner!

For more information, please contact:
Brigitte Appoo
Head of Sales & Marketing
Sacos Insurance Group
T 429 5000

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