Pay your Insurance easily with Mobile Banking

There is no argument that the pandemic has considerably changed how we live our lives, especially our customs and habits, but there has also been a change in the way we conduct our everyday errands. 

This is quite apparent in banking and bills payment where, normally, people would commute to town to deposit cash into their account, withdraw funds from their savings or stand in a queue to pay their monthly bills. 

With the new restrictive COVID-19 measures in place, most of these services have been limited and people are being asked to turn to alternative forms of payment.

Last week, we featured a piece on Mobile Banking through the JuicebyMCB app.

Today, you can learn more about online banking with Absa Seychelles Ltd Mobile Banking App.

Step 1: Download the app via Google play store or Apple store.

Step 2: Register to use the mobile banking facility by following these clear instructions here.

Step 3: Register Sacos as a beneficiary on your app by selecting ‘Beneficiaries’ and enter the relevant information as indicated here. Refer to our QR Code here for information on our banking account with Absa Seychelles Ltd. 

Step 4: To make a payment, select ‘Pay Bill’ icon and select Sacos as the registered biller. You can follow the instructions here. When making your payment, please ensure you put your policy number in the payment details field.You can also use this payment method to pay your monthly Sacos rent. Make sure you enter your full name properly when making the payment.

Step 5: Click ‘Confirm’ to confirm the payment.

If you are having trouble downloading a QR code scanner from your phone, call us on 4295008 or WhatsApp 2660950 to obtain the bank details for your respective banks.

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