A quick checklist on Marine Hull Insurance

If you own a vessel and do not have a Marine Hull insurance, here is a quick checklist to see if you should take one!

 Are you a:

  • Private or commercial vessel owner/ operator?
  • Fleet owner?
  • Ferry operator?
  • Charter and tourist boat operator?
  • Have a business with loans on vessels?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you really ought to consider a Sacos Marine Hull insurance. Typically, this covers damage or loss to the vessel, physical damage to a ship’s hull and machinery caused by perils of the sea, including storms, fire, tidal waves and strong winds whilst the vessel is in the Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone.

Where the vessel intends to sail outside of the EEZ, we provide a special Voyage Policy to cover your risks and liabilities. 

To ensure you are adequately protected, you can also opt to have the Marine Third Party liability option added to your policy. The vessel’s liability insurance covers risks associated with the operation and use of ships, e.g. injury to passengers and other associated third party liability such as cargo owners, and other vessels.

With our vast experience in marine hull and liability insurance, our agents can give you expert advice and guidance on getting the best cover for your financial needs. Get in touch by calling us on 4 295 000 or sending an e-mail to info@sacos.sc or request a quote on our website.

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