How to make life insurance a viable investment option?

It goes without saying that life insurance can be a great savings plan, but can it also be a viable investment option? 

An investment is the action taken by a person to grow their money or build their asset base. Most people consider shares or property when speaking of investments, but life insurance can also present the policyholder with an opportunity to build their wealth.

Life Insurance with accrued bonuses

Most of our life insurance plans offer come with the ‘with-profits’ option. This entitles the policyholder to accrued bonuses on their life insurance policy at the end of their term or on survival benefits.

Cash Interval Payments

Term insurance are usually set and the policyholder knows exactly how much they are going to receive at the end of the term. Nevertheless, insurance plans which provide the policyholder with the opportunity to receive regular cash amounts and receive the whole sum assured upon maturity, provide the policyholder with a cash access in the short term and the long run.

Whole Life Insurance

A Whole Life Insurance pays the policyholder a cash value at regular intervals for the remainder of their life. This insurance type ensures that the policyholder continues to receive a certain amount, well after some other income source has ended, and until they pass away.

Life insurance works best as an investment option if you are putting away money that you would have spent if you had easy access to it. By putting it out of your reach, you ensure that this portion of income can accrue benefits in the long term and provide you with an alternative source of income at retirement.

Contact us if you are interested in making life insurance your investment option by requesting a quote on our website, sending an email to or calling us on 429 5000.

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