Happy International Women’s Day!

The Sacos family wishes every woman and girl in Seychelles a Happy International Women’s Day!

On this occasion, we recognise the special role that women play in our daily lives as pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs, mothers and caretakers. There is no one set pre-defined role for women. The path women and girls travel should be one that they have chosen for themselves in the fulfilment of their goals and dreams.

We thank those who have paved the way for the next generation in being exemplary role models in their chosen field of work. They have set the tone that ceilings can and should be shattered. 

Nevertheless, there is still work left to be done to ensure that our society is equitable, just and safe for all women, including the prevention of gender-based violence.

Sacos proudly champions women leaders in the workplace and will continue to contribute to a workplace that is diverse and inclusive.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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