Get 10% discount on every new insurance policy

Sacos is offering 10% discount on all new insurance policies purchased by customers with a separate existing insurance policy with Sacos.

Who benefits?

Existing clients with an insurance policy with Sacos will benefit from a discount on the purchase of a second (or more) new insurance policy they take out. For example, if Vanessa has a full comprehensive motor insurance with Sacos, she will be given a 10% discount when she purchases a new Householder’s Policy with Sacos.

 Are there other benefits?

Indeed, if new and existing customers are buying their Householder’s Policy between now and December 2021, they stand the chance to receive a free household insurance cover (building) of up to SCR2 million rupees! Every month a new winner is selected from a pool of existing policyholders with a Householder’s Policy building cover. The value won is based on their existing policy.

Do you want to be our next winner? Contact us on 4 295 000 or send an e-mail to or request a quote from our website.

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