Should I worry about water stains in the ceiling?

Yes. Water stains are signs of leaks through either a burst pipe or water tank or damaged roofing exposing the roof to weather conditions. 

Water stains are the brown marks that appear on your wall or ceiling which doesn’t disappear after cloth-cleaning. Stains that appear to grow larger over time indicate that there may be a leak somewhere with your plumbing, whether through a burst pipe or water tank. Stains that seem to grow after heavy rainfall may be a sign that the roofing needs reparation.

Is the repair of water stains covered by home insurance?

To a certain extent, yes. Damage caused by burst pipes or water tanks are included for coverage under home insurance, as is damage caused by storms or tempest.

Water stains, however, can be inconspicuous at first making it difficult to determine when the damage occurred. Moreover, the cost of repair might not exceed your co-deductible. Nevertheless, it is important to contact your insurance company or a repair person as soon as you detect water damage. A technician can investigate the source and intervene before it worsens.

How to remove water stains?

Firstly, the source of the damage must be repaired. If it’s a burst pipe, a repair person should and replace the pipe, where appropriate. The second step is to wait for the moisture to completely dry off the ceiling. Lastly, chip off the damaged paint and repaint your ceiling for consistency.

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