Protect your car rental business with Sacos’ Motor Fleet Insurance

If you own a rental car business, you may begin to notice a surge in demand now that Seychelles has almost fully reopened its borders. With the opportunities to revive your business on the rise, so have the risks against it. 

Car rental agencies face a number of risks including road accidents, burglaries and legal liabilities. This is why now is essentially a good time for business owners to revisit and upgrade their insurance policy. 

A fleet insurance policy allows you to provide coverage to all the vehicles within your business under only one policy regardless of their type. This cost-saving option protects rental owners from having to take out individual policies for each of their vehicle. 

A comprehensive insurance policy for your fleet provides you with extensive coverage against financial loss in the event of accidents or third party property damage. The Motor Fleet Insurance covers Any Authorised Driver as permitted by the business owner.

Sacos offers a competitively-priced Motor Fleet Insurance policy that offers protection against financial losses for different types of vehicles. Our policy even covers losses incurred due to injury or death following an accident.

For more information on our Motor Fleet Insurance, call us on 429 5000, send an email to or request a quote via our website.

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