Drove through a mini-flood this past weekend? Here is what you should do with your car

If you have been caught driving in a flood recently or in the past month, you may be noticing some strange, sketchy behaviours with your car.

What does this mean? Well, it could be a number of things, but a worrying one may be water damage caused by flooding.

You may be experiencing hydrolock, electrical problems, rusting, mechanical problems with brakes, clutches etc. and engine problems.

What you should do?

Water damage to your car can be seriously harmful.

Survey your car: Immediately after a flood or driving through a flood, you should survey your car before using it.

Don’t start it: If you suspect that water has gotten inside your engine, do not start your car as you may cause further or irreparable damage.

Dry and drain: Instead, try to dry your car as thoroughly as possible. Watch out for waterlines and spots so that you know how far the water infiltrated through.

Call a Tow Truck: Have your car towed to a repair shop so that a qualified technician can do a proper inspection of your car. You can inform them of your own observations.

File a claim: If water damage is confirmed, contact your insurer as soon as possible to make your claim. Your insurer will guide you through the remaining process.

You do not have to drive around with a damaged car if you suspect water damage. With a good insurance policy, you can ensure that you get the repairs that you need, without suffering from substantial financial burden.

For more information on Full Comprehensive Motor Insurance, contact us on 429 5000 or general@sacos.sc or request a quote from our website.

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